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Citation: Bogoni JA, Pires JSR, Graipel ME, Peroni N, Peres CA (2018) Wish you were here: How defaunated is the Atlantic Forest biome of its medium- to large-bodied mammal fauna? PLoS ONE 13(9): e0204515.

Wish You Were Here


Part of the data used in this study was authorized based on license number 47255 from Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade (ICMBio). We confirm that the field studies did not involve handling of any endangered or protected species, but only species records via non-invasive sampling such as camera-trapping. This work was not submitted to an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or equivalent animal ethics committee, because the data were largely based on camera-trapping. Sampling procedures and/or experimental manipulations were reviewed or specifically approved as part of obtaining the specific field permit (license number 47255) which was issued by ICMBio.

Based on morpho-ecological traits, all mammal species were classified into 10 trophic guilds or functional groups, which were not necessarily mutually exclusive. In this trophic guild classification, we ranked the energetic stratum of modal dietary patterns, as following: (1) folivore

We quantified for each site key descriptors of diversity, including total species richness and richness of functional groups [49]. We calculated a defaunation index (sensu Giacomini and Galetti, 2013 [33]) for both the entire mammal assemblage (total defaunation) and for each functional group (assemblage-level). To avoid Type I errors (i.e., pseudo-absences), we also calculated the defaunation index for each metacommunity, based on mammal assemblages in any given cluster within a 50-km radius of each other (cluster-level). Clusters were defined taking into account the average home range size of the mammalian fauna recorded (788.4 km2 based on Jones et al. 2009 [50]), multiplied by three (following Maffei and Noss 2008 [51]).

Overall defaunation index of medium- to large-bodied Atlantic Forest mammals in relation to (A) the area (ha) of native vegetation cover within a buffer of 31,060 ha; (B) anthropogenic habitat cover; (C) area (ha) of the largest neighboring forest remnant; (D) and elevation (masl). Curves represent the best fit of regression models based on the loess method. Two curves were added based on a threshold obtained from average predictors (i.e. below and above average in orange and green, respectively).

Even under a more conservative approach, our defaunation index was typically higher than 40%. Moreover, our arbitrary buffer in adjusting current primate distributions can also reduce the defaunation due to the large number of assemblages containing these species. These issues suggests two likely processes: (1) a methodological issue that inflates the prevalence of pseudo-absences. For example, camera-trapping studies typically reveal rare species only after from 1500 to 2000 camera trapping-days (e.g., [88]); or (2) at the metacommunity (cluster-level) scale Atlantic Forest mammals assemblages were at least partly inter-connected. Small (

Both individuals and organizations that work with arXivLabs have embraced and accepted our values of openness, community, excellence, and user data privacy. arXiv is committed to these values and only works with partners that adhere to them.

Dimas and Rose went to the partially-constructed lobby, where tile floors had been laid and a patchwork roof had been erected, to build their conduit. The jelangkung. Then they leaned the doll against the wall to watch them eat their martabak and wait for night to fall.

This was very enjoyable to work on--not too hard or too easy, and I love the image. It interlocks well so that when it was finished I could pick it up by one edge and carry it to another table to display. There was one piece where the cardboard and the paper with the image had completely separated so that the two parts were loose in the bag when I opened it, but I was able to reunite them and glue them back together, so all was well.

If marriage is a yoke meant to keep two people moving in tandem, then my parents were oxen who each pulled in a different direction, and I was caught squarely in the middle. I never understood how you could march down an aisle with someone and not realize that you want totally different futures. My father dreamed of a family; to him art was a means of providing for me. My mother dreamed of art; to her a family was a distraction. I am all for love. But there is no passion so consuming that it can bridge a gap like that.

As we get closer, the mass of land differentiates into individual sensations: hot gusts of wind and hooting pelicans; a man climbing a coconut tree and tossing the nuts down to a boy; a marine iguana, blinking its yellow dinosaur eye. As we sidle up to the dock, I think that this could not be any more different from New York City. It feels tropical and timeless, lazy, remote. It feels like a place where no one has ever heard of a pandemic.

and airline mileage accounts. I triple-check to make sure I have my license and passport. I organize. The thought of wandering aimlessly through a town and rolling up to a hotel and asking if there are vacancies makes me sick to my stomach.

She holds onto me as if I am a toddler, leading me further down the sandy street of Puerto Villamil. It is not wise, I know, to allow myself to be dragged somewhere by a stranger. But she hardly fits the profile of a serial killer; and I am out of options. Numbly, I follow her past the locked shops and closed restaurants and silent bars, which give way to small, neat dwellings. Some are fancier than others, hiding behind low stucco walls with gates. Others have bicycles rusting against them. Some have yards made of crushed seashells.

of concrete, painted pale yellow. It has a small porch made out of wood, and wrapped around the legs of its columns are vines thick with a riot of flowers. Instead of climbing the steps, though, she takes me around the back of the house, which slopes down toward the water. There is a small courtyard with a metal café table and a rope hammock, some potted plants, and a break in the knee-high wall that leads directly onto the beach. The waves are spreading rumors down the shore.

One of the top 10 most common causes of death in the nation is suicide. It is the only one of the ten that can actually be avoided. Every 11 minutes, a suicide occurs. There are 25 suicide attempts for every suicide. In other words, 26 attempts at suicide are made every 11 minutes, with one actually succeeding. It must stop now.

Wish You Were Here: The Buffalo Avant-garde in the 1970s surveyed a creative ecology that flourished in Buffalo in the 1970s comprising a loosely organized group of collaborative, interdisciplinary artistic communities spanning the visual arts, film, video, performance, literature, and music. Looking back on the art and ideas these groups propagated, one might argue that aspects of postmodern and contemporary art were seeded during this time, and that Buffalo was one of a group of geographic pockets that provided fertile ground for these concepts and methodologies to take hold. Wish You Were Here identified some of these concepts and examines the various threads of connectivity and collaboration that made Buffalo a site of radical creativity.

This stunning four story home has 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms total and is located in Seacrest Beach West. The home consists of a main house and carriage house that are connected by a covered outdoor deck on the backside of the main house and rent all as one property. Enter the main house on the second floor where you will find an open concept kitchen, living and dining areas. An expansive balcony on this level is inviting and wonderful place to catch a sunset while dinner cooks! There is a half bath on this level as well as a full size washer and dryer. Head on up to the third floor where you will find a master suite with a king size bed and private en suite with two sink and a glass enclosed shower. The guest bedroom on this level has a queen size bed and private en suite with one sink and a glass enclosed shower. Both bedrooms have access to a shared balcony with Gulf Views as well as heated floors! The first floor has been recently renovated (completed June 2022) and includes a living space, two guest bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. The guest bedrooms are identical in set up with two twin bunks over a queen bed, sleeping 8 guests total on this level. The bathrooms are both full bathrooms and have shared guest access, the first has a tub/shower combo and single sink and the second has a tiled shower and single sink. This stunning renovation has an inviting entryway as well as a wet bar with a sink, mini fridge and microwave so you can pop some popcorn and chill in the 1st floor living room! Don''t forget there is a spiral staircase to take you from the third to fourth floor of the main house to the Crows Nest and balcony where you can get the best views of the Gulf! On the second level of the main house, towards the back side of the house, you can exit onto the porch where there is an outdoor dining table for six, just outside of the carriage house. The carriage house has one bedroom with a king size bed as well as a twin set of custom built bunk beds for extra sleeping arrangements. The bathroom is shared and has a single sink, and stand up shower. There is also a full size kitchen, dining table, and living room area, and laundry space to complete the carriage house! The sofa is a sleeper sofa that can accommodate two guests.Light up the grill in the back yard and enjoy the green space to play some yard games while dinner cooks! Or hop on the beach cruisers and catch the sunset! Six houses down to the West of the home is the public beach access ''Gulf Lakes Public Beach Access''. Escape to Seacrest Beach West to "Wish You Were Here" conveniently located between Seaside to your west and Rosemary Beach to the East! 041b061a72


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