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Send Big Files Easily


Send Big Files Easily

With our file transfer app for iPhone and iPad you can send large files and videos to anyone with an email account. Alternatively you can upload the files and share the link wherever you want. There is no need to register to use our free service.

Use our Android file transfer app to send files for free. No registration is required to send files of up to 5 GB. If you need to send bigger files, just get out a subscription, and enjoy many more benefits such as 1 Tb storage, password protection, and longer storage duration.

All Filemail customers can easily upload their own logo, background images and change the color scheme of buttons and other visual elements. These simple steps make the webpage and emails look just right.

I have used Filemail for several months and find it very easy to use. It solved problems we have here at the bank when we need to send large files. The platform also provides a secure way to send confidential information back and forth between the bank and our customers.

Filemail is the easiest and fastest way to send large files. Some of my clients have been so impressed with Filemail when they have received my videos that they have started using it for their own businesses

Filemail has solved all my file transfers problems I have had in the past. Fast reliable, friendly to use. Very happy with the service. We send our shows all over the world, Filemail is a great help.

TransferNow is the simplest, fastest and safest interface to transfer and share files. Send photos, videos and other large files without a manditory subscription thanks to TransferNow.

Send and share files and other large documents thanks to our fast and secure file transfer solution. Send large files via email or simply create a share link from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) through any basic internet browser.

Get a TransferNow account to transfer large files and other sizable documents! The files are available up to 365 days before being automatically and permanently erased from our servers.

Transfer your files by email or generate a shareable link and add a password to block access to your transfers' download page. In this case, concerning an email transfer, we do not communicate the password to your recipients and leave it to your discretion to forward it to your contacts.

Select the closest storage region for your files to get the best performances or pick the region of your choice in accordance with your contacts' and users' location. The files stored on our cloud are encrypted at rest with the AES-256 (Rijndael) algorithm.

Today, video recording quality is improving daily and the size of video files is also increasing. We thus end up with files as large as several Gbs. Luckily TransferNow enables you to share videos of every size.

Once your files are uploaded and your transfer is available for download, your users can preview and stream the videos, audio or other files such as PDF documents. For example, it is very useful before downloading hefty videos.

Facilitate recurring file sending to the same contacts and recipients by adding or importing the contacts from your address book. In this way, you will save time by no longer having to systematically enter your contacts' emails.

By using our service to send or receive your files you have a dedicated and secure global cloud infrastructure where files are stored and encrypted on disk (AES-XTS 256 bits) in datacenters (AICPA SOC 2 Type II) on the European, American and Asian continents.

We neither sell nor share email addresses or personal data of our users with third parties. With due regard for the proper functioning of our service, we send an email to users that have made a recent or repeated transfer in the two following cases: unavailability of service or major changes in service (important updates, changes in terms of use, limits, etc.).

Safety, confidentiality as well as integrity of the files you upload is our absolute priority. Thus, we are


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