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Whether your Honda needs an oil change, new brake pads or a more serious maintenance repair, the Neil Huffman Honda service department is here to assist you. Conveniently schedule a service appointment online now and visit our dealership for all of your car repair and service needs. Our advanced service technicians are ready to help keep your Honda driving smoothly mile after mile.

There are many buy here pay here lots and dealerships that will approve you for a car or truck with no credit check, no credit or bad credit across the United States. This type of alternate financing or buy here pay here programs is usually done in house at local dealerships and car lots and require a down payment (This down payment amount varies by dealership or car lot). Payment programs available for this type of alternate finance range from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

There were two very useful apps for participants to use during this conference, CrowdCompass AttendeeHub and Foresight Augmented Reality. The AttendeeHub app provided an accessible way to receive schedule changes, find session times, get information about speakers, and locate exhibiters. Foresight Augmented Reality beacons were placed in strategic locations throughout the conference hotel including meeting rooms and elevators. The beacons emit a Bluetooth signal and, using FAR's app, your phone speaks the location as you walk past a beacon.

Weihenmayer lost his sight when he was a freshman in high school. He said, "I was afraid to go blind but way more scary than going blind was the fear that I'd lose out. The fear that I'd be sheltered, sidelined, sent to this dark place where I'd be left there and forgotten." He signed up for a rock-climbing trip for blind kids, explaining, "I was tired of building walls around myself, protecting myself. I wanted to tear down those walls." This was a fascinating and inspiring presentation that set the stage for the rest of the conference.

Global Accessibility Day at Amazon used to be a one-day informational celebration but now it is a month-long event. This year, there were over 40 events in 13 countries. Amazon partnered with other companies and community members to educate the global Amazon community about accessibility.

Amos Miller described Soundscape from Microsoft. When a user wears headphones, Soundscape provides 3D sound to inform the user where something is located. He said, "Soundscape is designed as a background experience. It aims to enrich your awareness of your surroundings and to help you build a mental map as easily and as effortlessly as possible. The trick that we try to use with Soundscape is 3D audio augmented reality, so you can hear where everything is around you." Mr. Miller said that Soundscape is meant to run in the background so you can ignore it when you wish. He added that Soundscape will provide information and enrich your awareness, but it's up to you to decide what to do with this information.

Henri Fontana presented information about the free Google Maps app and how it works for people who are blind. "It has two thirds of the market for map navigation," he said. "It's hugely successful and popular. Therefore, Google takes the responsibility to make it accessible very seriously."

There are now many navigation programs from which to choose. There are mainstream apps such as Google Maps and apps designed for people who are blind including Blind Square, Soundscape, and Seeing Eye GPS. Apps designed for the blind provide more information.

Regarding indoor navigation, Greg Stilson said, "At this point, many companies are looking for that holy grail of indoor solutions. The mainstream interest in this is massive because of the marketing opportunities that are there. It's not just beacons, there are also a number of solutions being tested."

The 2019 AFB Leadership Conference in Arlington, Virginia, offered many concurrent sessions on a wide array of topics relating to blindness and visual impairment. There were three informative general sessions. In the exhibit hall, companies showed their latest assistive technology, while other exhibitors had information about their organizations. Next year the AFBLC will once again be held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington.

Cyrus Habib was honored for a career built on advocacy and a fierce commitment to pursuing one's passion. Habib lost his sight at age eight to cancer, but has since gone on to build a particularly impressive résumé, one that includes graduating from Columbia University, Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and Yale Law School, where he served as editor of the Yale Law Journal. Habib has combined this academic drive with an equal desire to serve his constituents in the state of Washington. From serving in the Washington State House of Representatives and the State Senate, to his current role as the youngest presiding officer in the country as Washington's 16th Lieutenant Governor and Chief Opportunity Officer, Habib has proven that blindness will not stand in the way of living a life of no limits.

Glinda Foster Hill is an Education Program Specialist at the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), Division of Research to Practice. At the OSEP, Glinda is responsible for the development and management of programs designed to improve developmental, educational, and employment outcomes of children with disabilities. She has worked on policies that strengthen educational programs and opportunities and ushered in new and groundbreaking programs.

The Polaris Mini, like its bigger and slightly older sibling, runs on the Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) operating system. It has a Samsung Exynos 7420 2.1GHz Octa-core CPU with 64GB of internal storage. Whereas the original Polaris provides a Standard SD / SDHC / SDXC card slot on the side of the unit for removeable storage, the Mini provides a micro SD card slot located in the same compartment as the battery. You won't be moving this card from your notetaker to a PC and back again, so you will want to use another method of transferring files, such as connecting the note taker to a PC.

I was pleased to see that all the applications I had come to enjoy on the BrailleSense Polaris were still available on the Mini and worked as expected. In addition to the familiar Word Processor application, which now includes a graphing calculator as well as the ability to read Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, there is now a Notepad application for quickly jotting down thoughts that can easily be saved as a simple text file if desired. More powerful aspects of this new application include the reading of PDF and ePub files.

DigitalPour is the more straightforward app for locating beer menus. Each location that lists their offerings subscribes to the DigitalPour service. This allows them to automatically send notifications of beer changes across multiple social media services. The system ties into the point-of-sale at the location, which allows the service to track and display the amount remaining in any keg currently on tap. Because this is a paid service, fewer locations use it. For example, there are 5 locations in less than a mile in Huntington, West Virginia, while I found zero within 60 miles in Orlando, Florida.

Below the search field you will find a list of venues. Here is where you may find the main accessibility issue with this app. If you start swiping right through the list of venues, you may suddenly find yourself either swiping through venues earlier in the list again, or at the very bottom of the list. This seems to happen when you swipe from the last item visible on screen to the next. Touching an item on the screen seems to fix this issue, allowing you to keep swiping through options.

In practice it looks something like this: "American Porter w/ Jamaican Coffee, SweetWater?Exodus, American Porter w/ Jamaican Coffee, 11, Atlanta, GA, ABV, 6.6%, Keg, 75%". Most items here are self-explanatory; the lone number without a descriptor is the tap number. If you double-tap on any given beer, you will be shown the amounts for sale and their cost. In addition, below a beer that you have activated, you will find buttons to Favorite and review the beer. Beers you have favorited will appear at the top of the beer list under Favorites. Reviewing the beer lets you rate it on a 5-star scale and allows you to make notes about it. As far as I can tell, the notes are for your own benefit and can't be seen by others. If you review a beer, your notes will appear as part of the beer's description. This feature requires a DigitalPour account and you will be prompted to create one the first time you try to review a beer.

Overall, the DigitalPour app is the most accessible and straightforward of the two apps reviewed here. The only issues you may encounter are a few non-essential unlabeled items and some focus issues when navigating a list of beers or venues.

Untappd is primarily a social media app for beer, but it also includes beer menus and, unlike DigitalPour, bottle and can lists. The primary use of Untappd is to check-in the beers that you try. You can rate them, take photos of them, and comment on the beer. When you add friends, you can see what beers they are trying and toast (similar to a Like in other social media apps) and comment on their check-ins. Another benefit of checking in beers is that you earn badges for doing so. For example, if you check-in five beers that have an ABV above 5% but below 10%, you will earn the "Middle of the Road" badge. There are nearly 12,000 badges available and the developers are constantly adding more.

To use the Untappd app, you will need to set up an account. At the time of writing, it is not possible to do this accessibly through the app, as it's impossible to select your birth date using VoiceOver. Fortunately, you can set up an account through the website, where the entire process is accessible. You'll need to complete a captcha, but an audio version is available. You can also choose to use your Facebook account instead of creating a specific Untappd account. Note that if you aren't going to be checking in beers and do not want to create an account, you can look up venues online and see their menus without the need to use the app at all. The only downside to this approach is that you'll encounter many more blank spaces, such as between the name of the brewery and the size/type of container in which the beer is served. 041b061a72


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