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Michael Tatro
Michael Tatro

Reky ((HOT))

A logic puzzle game, reky marries an elegance of design with an architectural minimalist aesthetic to create an experience that is fresh, stylish and satisfyingly challenging. The player interacts with the different puzzle elements of each level, shifting and moving them in order to create a path to the goal. Everything in the game is simple and functional, with only cubes, lines, exits, portals and a dash of color used to create a large variety of brain-teasing challenges.


Greek studio beyondthosehills has shared with us some tips for creating abstract art style (and pitfalls to avoid). Here are some tips based on their experience with their minimalist puzzle game reky.

Ambient waves of sound and gentle chimes for every input give reky a relaxing feel. The feeling of random sounds when the player interacts with the cubes was intentionally created after a careful choice of selected interactive sounds that always harmonize with the ambient background. 041b061a72


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