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[S6E2] Rise

Molly gets sunrise and makes an orange passionfruit donut with white chocolate ganache. Molly also wants to feature the sun so she bakes off all her extra batter to make donut pops for the middle of her donut. Unfortunately, as she goes to retrieve her baked but undecorated donuts from the blast chiller, one falls to the floor. She has no leftover batter and no time. So, she takes some of her cake crumbs and icing and molds a donut into her donut pan. She lets it set in the blast chiller and then decorates it like a regular donut.

[S6E2] Rise

Tati got sunrise and presents a vanilla donut with rose and lychee buttermilk glaze. To allow her subtle lychee and rose flavors to shine, she uses glucose for sweetener as it has no flavor of its own other than sweet. She has purposely gone with very pastel colors, but the judges find it less spring-like. The judges like the taste but Nancy wants more moisture.

The judges are disappointed too. Nancy tells her she is surprised and knows she is capable of so much more. Duff and Lorraine lament that the fondant is just highlighting all the errors. Luckily, her chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse and strawberry jam is plate-licking good. The judges love it.

Speaking of my illustrious podcast cohost, I will channel Jacqueline and defend Blake a little bit. What he did was grimy and insensitive (and hopefully he used protection), but it didn't rise to the level of necessitating character assassination on this level. "I'm not in a relationship with anybody," he said, which is true. It doesn't sound like he was leading anybody on and telling them he wants a relationship, he's just being a single guy indulging in the fact that women desire him. Everyone on this show, men and women alike, does what Blake did. They're treating him like a cheater, and he's not. As he said, he and Caelynn were single adults who had a one-night stand, and he and Kristina seem to have no illusions about their own past relationship being anything other than casual. For Kristina to say he humiliated her and ask him to apologize to her on TV seems disingenuous, and he was justified in pointing that out. I like Kristina less now. "Be a man, Blake" was just too much.

Blake and Caelynn finally talked, and Blake acted genuinely baffled by how upset Caelynn was. He seemed like he really had a different understanding of the situation. He thought they'd agreed it was one-time thing, no feelings caught, but he just saw what he wanted to see. He didn't pay attention to Caelynn's feelings and acted callously. He thought they were on the same page because that was more convenient to him than seeing her as a person with feelings. It's on her for letting it get to her and making what clearly seems like a drunken one-night stand into something more than it was, and (completely understandably!) not telling him how she really felt in the moment. But Blake behaved poorly. He should not have been so cavalier with Caelynn's feelings and talked about other women in front of her and called her a mistake and tried to keep their hook-up secret (though whether or not he actually did that last one seems unclear. There's a difference between not publicizing a prior relationship and denying it). But if he is genuinely surprised that he hurt Caelynn as bad as he did, Blake seems like he is capable of seeing the error of his ways. Most of Bachelor Nation will not buy it if Blake gets a reformed f-boy redemption narrative by the end of Paradise, but wouldn't you like to see a man learn from his mistakes? And this is all supposing Caelynn's version of the story is the true one, which it might not be.

Blake, absolutely wylin out at this point, said he had a surprise for Hannah G. He pulled her aside and said he made some mistakes on the road to Paradise, but she's the reason he's here. They made out, and it was good. She went and told Dylan what just happened. She said she felt like a bad person. In an ITM, Dylan said he felt dumb. It's the second time he's had this conversation this week. Hannah didn't know what to do. She just knew she was definitely getting a rose from someone.

Mirko, the Rabbit Hero, currently holds the title of #5 Pro Hero. Even so, she hasn't received much screen time in My Hero Academia. Debuting during the Hero Billboard Chart JP event, Mirko makes a brief speech warning villains trying to rise up. Her next few appearances were nothing to take note of, but she finally gets her chance to shine in Season 6.

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Atwater goes undercover to bring down the longtime head of a criminal enterprise and becomes entangled in a situation that tests his allegiances as well as his conscience. Air Date : 6th-Feb-2019 Read More 041b061a72


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