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Subtitle Rise.of.the.Planet.of.the.Apes.2011.10...

Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. explained that he created the film not to simply be a horror film, but to also focus largely on the human drama with the interaction between characters, as the first film had.[29] The director felt that horror films worked better when time was spent to explore the characters' emotional journeys, allowing the audience to care about them.[30] Mary Elizabeth Winstead insisted that the film would not feature any romantic or sexual elements with her character, as it would be inappropriate considering the tone of the film.[31] Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje said that the film would try to recreate the feeling of paranoia and distrust that the first film had, where the characters can't tell who has been infected by the alien.[32] The filmmakers drew additional inspiration for the film from the original novel Who Goes There?, in making the characters in the film educated scientists as opposed to "blue collar" workers.[25] However, the filmmakers drew no influence from the events of The Thing video game.[25] The director also drew additional inspiration from the film Alien in creating the film, particularly in regard to casting a female lead,[29] and in the way the alien creatures are filmed by not showing too much of them.[24] Matthijs van Heijningen also cited the films of director Roman Polanski as influence, such as his work on Rosemary's Baby.[30] Actual Norwegian and Danish actors were cast in the film to play the Norwegian characters,[25] and the director allowed the actors to improvise elements different from what was scripted when they felt it was appropriate, such as a scene where the characters sing a Norwegian folk song called "Sámiid ædnan".[30][31][33][34] Many scenes involving characters speaking Norwegian were subtitled,[35] and the language barrier between them and the English speaking characters is exploited to add to the film's feeling of paranoia.[36] Director Matthijs van Heijningen said that the film would show the alien creature in its "pure form", as it was discovered in its ship by the Norwegians; however, it is not revealed whether this is the creature's original form or the form of another creature it had assimilated.[6] Addressing rumors stating that John Carpenter wished to have a cameo appearance in the film,[25] Carpenter himself corrected these in an interview for the fan site "Outpost 31", in August 2012. "[Those] rumors are not true", Carpenter stated in the interview.[37]

subtitle Rise.of.the.Planet.of.the.Apes.2011.10...


The film was made into a maze at both Universal Studios Hollywood's and Universal Orlando Resort's 2011 Halloween Horror Nights events, having the subtitle Assimilation at Hollywood's version.[73]

Oliver (Ewan McGregor) has only one true friend, his Jack Russell terrier, who he treats as an equal and seems to communicate with quite clearly. (The film provides subtitles to help the rest of us understand Cosmo.) 041b061a72


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