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Digimon Fusion Episode 7 'LINK'

Digimon Xros Wars was first publicly revealed in the June 2010 issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine, including the name of the series and brief descriptions of the series and several main characters.[3] It was directed by Tetsuya Endo and written by Riku Sanjo.[4] A number of staffs and voice actors for the anime were selected from those from Gegege no Kitarō (2007) and Hakaba Kitarō (2008) including Riku Sanjo and Minami Takayama.[5] A third season was decided suddenly, with Yukio Kaizawa as the main writer for the first episode. In order to retain the series' popularity, Mikey Kudo remained as a returning character, while Christopher and Nene were removed from the main cast. Instead, Ewan remained as a protagonist due to his character still needing growth.[6] The series was the first to be broadcast in widescreen 16:9 and in HD 1080i and aired on TV Asahi between July 6, 2010, and March 25, 2012. Crunchyroll began streaming the original Japanese version of the series outside of Japan, with English subtitles, in November 2011.[7] Disney XD in Malaysia aired a William Winckler-produced English version along with original Chinese and Malay dubs based on the original Japanese version from December 8, 2012, titled Digimon Fusion Battles.[8]

Digimon Fusion Episode 7

The series was licensed by Saban Brands for an English language release to air in North America, contracting Studiopolis to dub the series into English and hiring Noam Kaniel (Noam) (who worked on X-Men, Code Lyoko, and Power Rangers) to compose the music for the series. The series began airing on Nickelodeon on September 7, 2013, was moved to Nicktoons after three episodes, and later began airing on The CW's Vortexx programming block from January 25, 2014 to September 27, 2014.[9][10][11][12][13][14] The first season became available for streaming on Netflix starting September 13, 2014, while the second season became available on March 8, 2016. In Latin America, the series began being broadcast on Cartoon Network on May 1, 2014.[15] Beginning on February 24, 2014, Fusion began airing in the United Kingdom on CITV, the same channel that aired the first three seasons.[1][16] In Canada, YTV, which aired previous installments of the franchise (barring Digimon Data Squad), began airing the series on February 28, 2014, with thirty episodes. In the Philippines, it began airing on Yey! after the end of Digimon Frontier, but it ended on July 1, 2020 (due to ABS-CBN's franchise renewal controversy).

General critical reception has also been positive. Mediaverum enjoyed the early episodes from Fusion and recommended it to fans of both the first two Digimon Adventure series.[43] While noting the series was aimed at a young audience, DVDCorner wrote that the series still had deep themes which might attract older viewers despite its flaws.[44] ICv2 recommended the series for a young audience when checking the English DVDs.[45][46] CulturedVultures left it up to the viewers to watch it or not, also recommending it to an audience that has knowledge of the franchise,[47] while Metro stated it retained the appeal of its predecessors which overshadowed the famous Pokémon back in the 1990s.[48] DVDTalk found mixed feelings when reviewing Fusion. While he lamented the series' focus on Digimons rather than humans, he still praised the show for its animation and recommended it to fans of the series.[49] Capsule Monster commented that despite the apparent attempts of the series to expand marketing, Fusion offers an appealing story, as rather than focusing on friendship, it also contains dark themes rarely seen in children's shows which might attract other audiences.[50]

The following is a list of episodes for Digimon Fusion (known in Japan as Digimon Xros Wars), which is the sixth anime television series in Toei Animation's Digimon franchise. The series aired in Japan on TV Asahi between July 6, 2010 and March 21, 2012. The series was licensed in North America by Saban Brands. The series began airing on Nickelodeon on September 7, 2013, and later moved to Nicktoons on October 13, 2013 after the first three episodes. Reruns would begin airing on The CW's Vortexx block on January 25, 2014.

  • G-L Giant Enemy Crab: Ebidramon, a giant lobster dragon thing. And yes, Taiki attacked its weak point steamrolled it for massive damage. With a summoned LEVIAMON.

  • Goggles Do Nothing: After Masaru declined them, Taiki resumes their traditional use.

  • Gratuitous English: Most of the Digimon's attacks, as usual. Taiki often says, "Thank you", and Starmon calls all the guys "brother". GET BACK GOOD WORLD XROS HEARTnote From "Evolution & DigiXros Ver.Taiki"; it's much more Engrishy than the standard Digimon lyric fare, which normally make sense. Doesn't make it any less awesome, though, and it's pretty hard to tell it's English without looking up the lyrics.

  • Gravity Is Purple: Gravimon's gravity techniques have purple energy effects on them.

  • Hand-or-Object Underwear: Taiki and Zenjiro use Starmon and the Red Pickmon, respectively, to preserve their modesty while in an onsen.

  • Healing Hands: Cutemon is able to heal wounds by generating energy with his hands.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: BlueMeramon And Baalmon. He got better though...and then sacrificed himself again thirty-four episodes later.

  • And as of Ep 43, Deckerdramon too, although he was already dying.

  • Apollomon also does this to send Taiki and gang and Olegmon out of Prison Land.

  • Highly-Visible Ninja: Monitamon. This trope might as well be outright invoked with Hi-Vision Monitamon.

  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Neptunemon is done in by his own spear.

  • GranLocomon is defeated with his own attack when Shoutmon X4 gives it a return address.

  • Olegmon is defeated by Ballistamon's Ultimate Speaker, a sound-based weapon he installed in DarkVolumon, to enhance the destructive power of his voice.

  • Bagramon in the final episode. To clarify, Bagramon stole the Code Crowns at the end of the first half of the series. Through the second half, he is seen converting it into the Dark Crystal for D5. However, when Taiki enters the Dark Crystal, he manages to revive Shoutmon, Belzeebumon and the other dead Digimon. As Shoutmon explains to Bagramon, the Code Crowns were never his, as they had been united by Taiki in the first place (the requirement for ownership). The Code Crowns then allow Taiki to DigiXros Shoutmon and the rest of the good Digimon into Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode, which then promptly curb-stomps Bagramon.

  • Hope Spot: Episode 29 ends with Taiki and the others defeating Tactimon, the toughest of the Bagra Army's three generals. Tactimon's gone, all of his Code Crowns are there for the taking and then...Bagramon reaches through a dimensional portal, snatches up all of the Code Crowns, causes a reality rending whirlwind that knocks Shoutmon, Taiki, Akari and Zenjiro back to the human world! Talk about an emotional 180.

  • Hot-Blooded: Shoutmon for character type, AncientVolcamon for both character type and literal application.

  • Hotter and Sexier: Even more so than Digimon Data Squad. There's a lot more fanservice in this installment due to the presence of more humanoid female Digimon, some of whom had only shown up in the video games and the card games. Standouts are Lilithmon (the embodiment of lust, though her outfit is more akin to Lulu's, making it less revealing than you would think), Mervamon (a giant warrior that's clad in the usual fashion), and Bastemon (a Catgirl Belly Dancer).

  • Humiliation Conga: This happens to DeathMeramon in the Magma Zone arc; he goes from being a badass that trounches Shoutmon X2, to being beaten by Shoutmon X3, Shoutmon X2 (who he'd defeated before), and is then finally taken out by Shoutmon alone after being wittled down by his previous defeats. Episode 10-11 are dedicated to this on IceDevimon.

  • Idiot Ball: in episode 32, some of the Fusion Fighters are captured, and Beelzemon, who can fit his gun arm through the bars of the cage, just yells at Dorbickmon.

  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Taiki punches Kiriha to snap him out of DarkKnightmon's control. Shoutmon is great at these: He intentionally had himself crossed with NeoVamdemon to talk to the remnants of MetalGreymon, who he had absorbed. He does it again later with Ballistamon to snap him out of his short stint as DarkVolumon.

  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Early titles contain a noun phrase, comma and a verb (phrase). "Shoutmon, Roar!"

  • Improbable Weapon User: Shoutmon fights using a microphone as a bludgeon.

  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Notably, a storm of these was how Xros Heart got Karatenmon to give up the Code Crown he guarded. And who rattled off this storm? Nene.

  • Ineffectual Loner: For the first time in the entire Digimon run... averted. Yep, what fans usually nickname the "lone wolf" is absent this time (Zenjiro doesn't even come close this series). Kiriha would be closest, but he's a villain, and nobody would call him a loner per se. Dorulumon may have been similar to this at the beginning, but even then he was a Papa Wolf to Cutemon, and has since become used to working with the rest of Xros Heart. It's played a little straighter in the Death General Arc with Kiriha, who is definitely no longer a villain.

  • Informed Ability: Breakdramon during the Sweets Zone arc. In the lore of the season he is referred as the one monster responsible for going on a rampage that shattered the entire Digital World in the 108 zones that are seen through the story. When he finally awakens he is just a glorified Monster of the Week who never displays power on such a massive scale, in fact, if it wasn't for borrowing a healing factor from an external source he would have been defeated by Shoutmon X5 alone in a really quick battle.

  • Internal Homage: A kind of cross-series Laser-Guided Karma version. Baalmon is an Expy of Beelzebumon, and Lilithmon kills him by stabbing him in the stomach with her claws. How did the original Beelzebumon kill Leomon? By stabbing him in the stomach with his claws. It is undeniably intentional after Baalmon is reincarnated as Beelzebumon. Pinocchimon gave Taiki the MetalGarurumon DigiMemory after being taught trust and friendship. In Digimon Adventure, MetalGarurumon killed Pinocchimon, who in his last words still couldn't comprehend the idea of trust and friendship.

  • In the very first episode, some of the Digimon in Taiki's dream sequence are Agumon, V-mon, Guilmon, and Agnimon.

  • In the dub of episode 10, IceDevimon sounds like Christopher Walken.

  • Irony: Pinocchimon has MetalGarurumon's DigiMemory. It's one heck of a meta-level irony!

  • It Only Works Once: DigiMemories... or once a Zone. That said, only one or two DigiMemories have been reused, probably to allow maximum exposure of new ones for Call-Back value.

  • Joke Character: Literally. Taiki ends up producing several random and absurd DigiXros for the sole purpose of making Karatenmon laugh. Lethal Joke Character: And then BalliBastemon (Ballistamon + Bastemon) ends up taking out a whole squad of Etemon.

  • Taken to ridiculous levels is Gnote reatestCutemon in which he obliterates an entire legion of Gravimon's army.

  • Karma Houdini: Kiriha for ordering his digimon to kill and inflicting mortal wounds on Deckerdramon. Sure, he felt bad afterwards and made it his quest to bring Deckerdramon back, but still, he didn't get so much as one What the Hell, Hero?. Considering that this had come right on the heels of Gravimon playing off years of psychological and emotional damage, not to mention Deckerdramon outright forgave Kiriha and helped him get his head back on straight right before dying, one would feel that calling him out would be... rather cruel.

  • Killed Off for Real: Tactimon, Laylamon, Blastmon, all the Dark Generals except Olegmon the second time around (counting Apollomon Whispered but not the real Apollomon), AxeKnightmon, and Lord Bagra. Also Lucemon, who doesn't appear in the final battle and thus doesn't seem among those revived and purified near the end of Season 1.

  • Kraken and Leviathan: Episode 4 has a more mundane example in the form of Octomon. Then episode 5 has Taiki summon Leviamon, which is a more straight example of this trope.

  • Laser Blade: The Rare Star Sword, formed when it includes the red Pickmon.

  • Leitmotif: DigiMelodies And specific DigiXros songs for X4, X4B, X5 and DarkKnightmon.

  • Beelzebumon has a chime that plays, accompanied by a falling feather, before he shows up. It's probably not his DigiMelody.

  • Light Is Not Good: The Heaven Zone, despite the angelic trappings, is run by a police force that's not afraid to execute people in front of large crowds. Justified that they need to be extremely artistic and good to keep the Dark Temple locked, and it is explained that the Zone became tyrannical due to the influence of the small amount of darkness that seeped out.

  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Shoutmon X4K The Sparrowmon component of Shoutmon X5 is a shield... with GUNS!



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