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so, why liberty why now whats the big idea what are the ideas that really matter well, its freedom, man, for one thing. you have the freedom to speak your mind, to say what you think without fear of reprisal or censorship.

you can say anything you want, and we can say anything we want. anything at all. its time to do away with the pc rule book and return to the rulebook of the united states constitution. the constitution is the greatest document ever written in the history of man. it gave birth to the greatest country in the history of man. its time for us to return to the principles it was written on, and free our country from the oppression of a corrupt government that wants to steal our freedom.

the idea that freedom is a constitutional right that goes beyond the citizen is complete and utter nonsense. we dont need the constitution to tell us that we have a right to freedom. we dont need the constitution to tell us that we have a right to life. we dont need the constitution to tell us that we have a right to liberty. our rights come from the very soul of the declaration of independence.

* dr. rachel hatcher holds a ph. d. in history from the university of saskatchewan. she then received a postdoctoral fellowship from the institute of reconciliation and social justice at the university of the free state (south africa) and a scholarship for excellence for international students from the quebec research fund nature and technologies.

i couldnt be more pleased with the freedom of speech award. ive worked hard to make it possible for people to listen to my podcasts. i truly appreciate the support from the industry and am grateful to talkers for acknowledging this. again, congratulations to michael for the award, to captain kickass for videotaping the proceedings, and to everyone who voted for me. thanks to all of my readers and subscribers for your support. thanks to all of you for reading and listening. thanks for reading this far. thanks for listening. thanks for reading. 3d9ccd7d82


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