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Space Rangers 2 Rise Of The Dominators Game

The game's multiple systems are compared to other multi-genre games such as Pirates! or Star Control II.[4][5] The player begins by selecting an alien race and a profession, and is dropped into a dynamic open universe to explore.[5] Space travel is seen from a top-down viewpoint, with movement utilizing a turn-based system measured in solar days.[3] The game also includes a 3D real-time strategy engine for planetary battles,[5] where the player can take control of any unit to shift gameplay to that of a third-person shooter.[2] The player can also pursue enemies into space, playing an arcade-style shooter mode,[4][2] where players use the keyboard to maneuver and fire in an action sequence.[3] Players can also survey planets for valuables by launching probes, with some planets triggering text-based quests similar to text adventure games.[5]

Space Rangers 2 Rise Of The Dominators Game

Space Rangers 2 was originally published in Russia by 1C Company in November 2004.[10] In June 2005, Excalibur Publishing released a DVD version that included both Space Rangers 2 and its prequel, Space Rangers.[11] Australian distributor Red Ant Enterprises released a CD-ROM version (Space Rangers 2 only) in 2005.[citation needed] In 2006, Cinemaware Marquee re-released the game as Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators, as part of the publisher's strategy to import lesser known games from Europe, and to utilize the low cost of digital distributors such as Direct2Drive.[6] This allowed the game to be released for a lower price point than similar games, as well as bundling it with the first Space Rangers from 2002, bringing the original title to North America for the first time.[12] An expansion called Space Rangers 2: Reboot was released in 2009 with enhanced graphics, including fully 3D planetary battles.[13] A remaster called Space Rangers HD: A War Apart was released on October 17, 2013,[14] which included 1920x1200 graphics and a new campaign.[15]

NB. Each of these cheats has a cost in cheat points, which are replenished at the rate of 1/day. If you try to activate a cheat you do not have the points for, you will be informed of your current number of cheat points.EffectCode[as above] 100,000 credits - 300 pointshugemoney[at any planet's equipment screen] 10,000 credits - ? pointsbigmoney[in hyperspace] destroys all enemies unless Keller is present - 30 pointsboom[in military base] get next military rank - 90 pointsnextrank[in ranger station] gain 1000 ranger points - 150 pointsrangerpoints[in space] reduces weight/size of equipped standard items by half - 300 pointspacking[on a plant] random base forms in the current system, max 3 - 30 pointsrndbasefly into sun, full repair of items - 40 pointsrepairincreases hull sizesuperhullnearest ship drops everything not needed for movementDropContributed By: MikoSquiz, majesty101ne 0 6Space Rangers 2 Shift+Control codesThese codes require both shift and the control buttons to be pushed. Most codes will take effect when activated in certain areas ie. (Stations, Hyperspace, Space travel). All codes also costs cheatpoints the player accumulates throughout the game through 1 point/Day. Note: Codes are not CaSe SeNsiTivEEffectCode[10]All non-ranger ships will turn hostile. Planets and rangers remain the same[Shift]+[Ctrl]+HateRangers[100] In the planet screen, typing the code will add one high level weapon in the equipment store[Shift]+[Ctrl]+CoolWeapon[100]In a pirate station, the code will produce one pirate in each controlled sectors.[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Pirates[100]Peleng weapons will have double range and every non-peleng planet and civilians will hate you[Shift]+[Ctrl]+PelengSurprise[160] In a Science station, typing this code will give you one piece of Klissan equipment[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanItem[20] Calls one fleet of Dominators to your location[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanCall[20] Gives the Dominators a fleet per planet they own[Shift]+[Ctrl]+KlissanMax[20] In a pirate station, Reveals an unrevealed map sector[Shift]+[Ctrl]+OpenMapSector[20] In the planet screen, typing this code will set one random weapon cost to 1 credit[Shift]+[Ctrl]+LowCostWeapon[200] In the pirates base, typing the code will increase yours and pirates' damage by 10-20. You will turn to a pirate with planets hating you.[Shift]+[Ctrl]+WeaponStrength[30]Creates a random base (science, Business, Ranger, Military, Medical) in your sectorShift+Ctrl+RndBase[40] Fly into the sun and you will recieve a full repair[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Repair[60] Nearest ship will drop all items not related to space travel ie. Engine and Fuel[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Drop[60]In space, typing this code will put 2 Quark Bombs in your inventory[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Bomb[Use in hyperspace] Get a random artefact in your inventory[Shift]+[Ctrl]+ Artefact[use in space] It spawns Quark Bombs around you, and blows up at next day. HINT: don't move or it'll kill you[Shift]+[Ctrl]+ 10Bomb[use in space] You get sick with all illnesses[Shift]+[Ctrl]+ illness10,000cr - 60 points [Can be entered at planet screen, equipment store screen, or space screen]Shift+Ctrl + [money]Complete set of top-tier equipmentShift-Ctrl Devicemaximize all skillsShiftOne of each artifactShift-Ctrl ArtsOne of each MicromoduleShift-Ctrl ModuleContributed By: zhang_ren, soullthief, theangryyam, roguex2 7 6$(document).ready(function()$('.content_ratings.voted').attr('title','You have already voted on this item.');$('.content_ratings.mycode').attr('title','You can not vote on your own contribution.');$('.content_ratings').tooltip( position: my: "left+0 center", at: "right+15 center" , tooltipClass:'tooltip'););function cheat_vote(code_id, cur_vote, vote)$.ajax(type: 'POST',url: '/ajax/gamespace_item_vote',data: vote: vote, id: code_id, type: 'code', key: '56241071' ,success: function(response)var d = $.parseJSON(response);if(d.success)$('#'+code_id+'c'+vote).addClass('myvote');$('#'+code_id+'c'+vote+' span').text(cur_vote+1);$('.content_ratings.c'+code_id+' span').removeAttr('onclick'););Know Something We Don't?You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge.

1c send word of Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, which is apparently another "remastering" of the sequel to RPS'-favoured space games Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators and Space Rangers 2: Reboot. A War Apart will include a new campaign, "offering a pirate's point of view." The overhaul will redo graphics too, allowing for 19201200, which is nice because everyone likes fresh graphics.

On the whole, Space Rangers is played as a top-down, turn-based tactical game coupled with considerable RPG Elements. You fly your ship from star to star, planet to planet, fighting the enemy (whoever you choose it to be at any given time), upgrading your ship, trading cargo, and so forth. Everything is done using a simple point-and-click interface. However, at many points in the game, gameplay changes radically, incorporating mini-games that are very different from this style. Major diplomatic quests require playing text-based mini-adventures (some of which are remarkably complex). Wormholes take you to another dimension which plays like a classic Shoot 'Em Up. The second game even features a rudimentary Real-Time Strategy mini-game with giant robots for units (inspired by ZX Spectrum game Nether Earth). Overall it's no surprise That Other Wiki classifies it as a "Multi Genre" game. Of course, since the game is extremely open-ended, no one forces you to play any of these if they do not suit your style.

Very importantly, the game world is constantly being simulated in the background regardless of what the player is doing. The program controls all enemy ships, civilian and military ships, and even a slew of other Space Rangers who are constantly competing for the highest ranking. While the player may be passing time waiting for his satellites to finish scanning a dead planet, entire battles are fought over star systems on the other side of the quadrant. The enemy and the Coalition send ships at each other, attempt to stay technologically ahead of each other, and prices change according to the lively traffic of trading ships across all sectors of space. In fact, on the easier difficulty levels it is possible for the Coalition to push the enemy to the brink of destruction all by themselves!

April 20, 2006 - Space Rangers is not your typical space exploration game. It's filled with all kinds of interesting and somewhat bizarre things to do. It's totally unpredictable as you go from battling pirates to making pizzas. It's a little complicated to learn the control system but after a few hours it should be smooth sailing across the universe.

Each time that you load a new game a new galaxy will be randomly generated so that no two games are ever quite the same. Unlike some space exploration games you never feel lonely in this one. The universe is a busy place with hundreds of ships going about their daily business. The universe is alive. It's interesting to see how the various fleets of ships, planets, governments and individuals react to the choices that you make in the game. While you may be an unimportant, impotent little dweeb in real life, In Space Rangers 2, you can actually make a difference.

OverviewFuture. We write the year 3300. Our galaxy is invaded by dominators, the combat robots that lost control under influence of Klissan technologies. A coalition of five allied races: Maloqs, Pelengs, Humans, Faeyans and Gaalians stakes on space rangers called up to root out dominators.

The player becomes a ranger, selects a race, and gets a space ship and necessary equipment. Since that moment he finds himself in a real world of rangers which does not exist in any other computer game where he can engage in all possible types of activities: fight in the space or the hyperspace, buy and sell goods, accomplish government tasks, liberate planets from dominators in 3D battles and, of course, play text quests each of them being a separate game.


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