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[S2E1] The Old Wagon

In the episode, Phil finally agrees to sell the family's old station wagon but before doing it, he and the whole family goes for a trip down memory lane to say goodbye to it. Cameron asks Jay for help when Mitchell decides to build a life-size princess castle for Lily even though he is not very handy with the tools. Meanwhile, Gloria deals with the possibility of losing Manny to his girlfriend.

[S2E1] The Old Wagon

In the Dunphy's house, Claire (Julie Bowen) gets Phil (Ty Burrell) to agree to sell their old station wagon. While looking through the stuff in the car and going through several mementos, Claire starts crying and decides she want to keep it, but will be unable to as the car already has a buyer. Due to this, Phil decides to take the family on one last ride in the car "down memory lane" and they take the car to a hill where the family used to drive to in the past. While on a hill, eating, Claire thanks Phil for a good time. Chaos ensues when Luke's stomach ache and Claire tells him it will be fine. Haley finds a spider and steps on Phil's seatbelt. Luke needs air and Claire asks Alex to open her window, but it gets stuck. Haley sees the spider again. Phil decides to put on the A/C, but puts on the heater and dust come out. Claire tells Luke to vomit in a bag, but complains it smells like onions. Alex's seatbelt is stuck and Claire decides to unhook it, but accidentally spills her milkshake. Haley sees the spider again and steps on the seatbelt, which causes Phil to spit his milkshake. Luke is about to vomit and the parents get out of the car. While Luke is vomiting, the car begins to roll down the hill. Phil gets on the hood, trying not to let go, but Claire tells to let go and the car gets destroyed.

- Phil and Claire sold the old station wagon, the car that brought them so many memories. Because Claire was so choked up about time passing by, Phil arranged one final family outing int he vehicle. But it didn't go very well, as Luke almost threw up on his sisters, the doors got stuck on the car and other mishaps went down.

Phil reluctantly agrees to get rid of the Dunphy station wagon, which prompts a wave of nostalgia for the old car. Meanwhile, Cameron enlists Jay's help when Mitchell tries to build a princess castle for Lily and Manny asks a girl to come over to study.

Claire wonders when Phil is going to sell the old station wagon in the garage that has non-functioning seat belts, no fluids added in ten years, and too much room for Haley to put a mattress in it. Phil doesn't want to sell it, but Claire uses a classic from the Reverse Psychology 101 playbook: hint that Phil may not be able to sell it. He can sell anything.

They start to clean out the car, but there were things in it. Like the picture of Phil and Claire at the Rose Bowl game (presumably 1995, since they said Penn State kicked their butts), a blanket Haley used to hold...and Luke threw up on, and a jar of sunshine Luke caught because he enjoyed his day at the beach. But none of that matters, because Phil was able to sell the wagon. And he used a 'minimonic' device to remember the guy's name.

Phil decides to give Claire a surprise: he pushes the sale of the car back to the next day and turns the station wagon into a time machine, like Claire wants, and the family will go out for one last picnic. The kids are totally thrilled (not really), but Claire decides they can stop whining and get in the car.

While on a hill, a sequence of mishaps leads to the car being destroyed by rolling off a cliff. Despite this, the family had a good time. Despite this, they have some great memories of the one final time from the station wagon.

As Season 2 begins, we are dropped into the middle of a dinner party of complete strangers, all toasting the sobriety of Adrian (Robin Laing). However, his wife Erin (Sara Vickers) doesn't seem to hold out much hope that he'll remain on the wagon. That night after his wife has fallen asleep, Adrian sneaks off in a cab, enters an exclusive-looking club, and returns home with a gym bag full of cash. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the opportunity to use his ill-gotten gains because the bag's owner comes after it posthaste and shoots Adrian in the head. Erin, hiding in the shadows, disables the stranger with a golf club and then fatally wounds him with his own gun when he rushes her.

For much of its 16-year history, the fort was the only major permanent white settlement on the Santa Fe Trail between Missouri and the Mexican settlements. The fort provided explorers, adventurers, and the U.S. Army a place to get needed supplies, wagon repairs, livestock, good food, water and company, rest and protection in this vast "Great American Desert." During the war with Mexico in 1846, the fort became a staging area for Colonel Stephen Watts Kearny's "Army of the West." Disasters and disease caused the fort's abandonment in 1849.

Outside, Leo talks with Bartlet. Bartlet is angry with Leo for firing everybody but Toby. Bartlet complains that Toby was the only one he didn't know. Bartlet wants to know why Leo is doing this, hitching his wagon to Bartlet. Leo says, "They say a good man can't get elected President. I don't believe that."

On his way to saving Ellie, Joe receives a frustrated call from Love about how he should've notified her Forty was going to Texas without a sponsor so shortly after falling off the wagon. Now she has to go retrieve him.

Cleaned up, back in his Park clothes, and back on Ned, William rides through the hills, slowing as he sees a massacre around a wagon near the trees up ahead. Dismounting he makes his way through the slaughter, grabbing a water canteen and some jerky that had been drying by the now extinguished camp fire. As he eats a boys voice asks him if he's lost. Turning, William encounters the same boy he came across when exsanguinating Lawrence to save Teddy [3] Sticking his gun away, William answers jovially, saying he doesn't feel lost at all, in fact he feels like he's just arrived. When the boy's voice is overlaid with that of an older man's and asks "How so William?" William starts to understand just who the boy actually is. The host version of a ten year-old Robert Ford. "The stakes are real in this place now," William replies. The boy asks what's next for William? Has he achieved all he wanted? "The folly of my kind," William replies, "The desire for more." The boy tells him that's what 'he' always admired about William, he never rested on his laurels, he made it to the centre of Arnold's Maze. But now, he tells him "You're in my game." In this game, he tells William, you have to make your way out. "In this game you must find The Door." Congratulating him, he tells that this game is meant for him and that it will find him.

As the radiation clouds are building, the team has to conjure a new plan to get to California. However, there's a few new things to worry about, too: Cassandra really seems to be having a hard time in her new life as an almost-zombie; there's a new breed of super-scary zombie out there; and, out of nowhere, a wagon train of survivors and some new bounty hunters have turned up.

When Custer busts them, Murphy is required to ride in the medical wagon with the people dying of radiation poisoning or, as Addy and Roberta call it, "a zombie bomb waiting to go off". When Murphy gets Cassandra Z-stoned on Z-Weed, she becomes a little more Z-tastic than we've seen her be in the recent past, though also a little more coherent, too.

The team manages to catch up with the water car (and a bloody Cassandra, who made short work of the carjackers), though Murphy manages to carjack the vehicle himself, accompanied by Cassandra and Wrecking Ball. Then, just as predicted, the medical wagon turns into a zombie day care center, where one guy dies, attacks another, and so forth until Addy is caught between regular Z's and terrifying Blasters coming at her from the road.

As ABC's Emmy Award-winning series "Modern Family" returns for its second season, Claire finally gets Phil to agree to sell their old station wagon, but not before everyone has to take it on one last ride down memory lane. Meanwhile, when a haphazard hammer-wielding Mitchell decides to build a life-size princess castle for Lily, Cameron calls Jay in for reinforcement, and Manny invites a cute girl over for a study date -- which makes Gloria a little uncomfortable -- . 041b061a72


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