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What Is Pixel Gun 3D

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What is Pixel Gun 3D


While praising the game's multiplayer mode, Mike Deneen of 148Apps found the single-player mode to be frustrating and uninteresting.[7] Vinha criticized what he saw as annoying bugs and advertisements.[6]

Pixel Gun 3D game with blocky multiplayer action. Have fun in this blocky-style multiplayer 3D first-person shooter game. Jump into the blocky world of one of the best free online games around. In this awesome multiplayer game, choose a blocky character and try to rack up as many kills as possible.There is a cool battle royale game mode, in which players strive to be the last pixelated character standing. Like many shooting games, Pixel Gun uses basic FPS controls - WASD movement keys, mouse to aim, and left-click mouse button to shoot the primary weapon.

  • There is a myriad of awesome maps to play on. Each map has a different layout and fantastic pathways to explore and fight along. Get used to the different maps and have fun trying the different game modes. This is a favorite game of many hardcore games - it is simple, but the gameplay is excellent and challenging.Choose from devastating weapons like sniper riflesThe game has a great choice of pixelated weapons. Remember that ammunition is limited so use it wisely! The following are some of the weapons available:Shotgun

  • Sniper Rifle with scope

  • Revolver

  • Light Machinegun

Pick your favorite weapon and use it to unleash devastation on the other pixelated characters!Fight across different blocky mapsPixel Gun 3D has unique maps of various shapes and sizes. The maps make fighting interesting and provided an element of strategy too.

  • Players also have the option to create their own servers with password protection - this means you can practice with your friends before joining a multiplayer game and unleashing your new skills on the enemies! Give this awesome pixelated shooter a try today!PlatformWeb browserControls WASD or arrow keys to move

  • Left mouse button to shoot

  • R to reload

  • Space bar to jump

  • Number keys to switch weapons


Pixel Gun 3D, formerly Pixlgun 3D, is the first Pixel Gun game, published on mobile devices. It's a pixelated FPS shooter with various modes, including singleplayer Campaign and online multiplayer matches.

The Crystal Laser Cannon is a fast firing weapon with solid damage and a large ammo pool, though this is counteracted by its high reload speed and having a somewhat mediocre range compared to its other competition like the Future Police Rifle and Automatic Peacemaker.

The weapon has an appearance somewhat similar to some toy laser guns. It has a light blue crystal base, with a red cube ammo pack. The barrel is also light blue, with 3 red rings around it. It has two handles (one for each hand). It also has a reddish light at the tip of the gun which then emits a red laser from it.

Pixel Gun Tower Defense is a Roblox tower defense game inspired by Pixel Gun 3D, a game all about using a range of different 3D pixelated guns. You can collect characters, combine them with weapons to make new powerful towers, and then complete various levels that get harder and harder the more you play.

Adventure mode is mostly the single player portion of the game, and consists of Campaign, Arena and Sandbox. The single player Campaign revolves around the protagonist, also known as Newbie, moving from level to level, cleansing each level of monsters one by one, as he tries to escape from a Zombie Apocalypse. Or as he tries to find a dragon and get him to withdraw all the monsters from his world. Or as he tries to find the cause of the world's blockiness. Or as he tries to find The Creator. The plot starts out as what is basically an excuse plot at best, but as Rilisoft started adding more levels, the excuse plot turned into a semi-coherent plot, which turned into Leaning on the Fourth Wall which turned into Mind Screw. Arena mode, on the other hand, completely eschews all plot, and instead hurls monsters nonstop at you, seeing how long you can hold out against the monsters before you're overrun. A recent updated added Sandbox mode, which isn't single player. The main point of Sandbox is that you cannot attack at all, so Sandbox is essentially a lounge for players to relax in.

Resistance to Matter Manipulation and Biological Manipulation (He is made of data), Magic, Kinetic and Energy attacks (with Armor Modules), Cosmic Radiation (Can fight in space without a helmet, and is unaffected by it), Time Slow, Status Effect Inducement (Slow, Burning, Poison and Bleeding with the Ancient Master Set, the Legendary Bloggers Set, the Loki & Fenrir Set, the Class A Artifact Set, the Cursed Pharaoh Set, the Mechanist Set, the Project Manager Set, the Halloween Set, the Goliath Set, the Myth Hero Set, the Mirrored Santa Set, the Cyber Set, the Space Parasites Set and the Cyber Santa Set), Extreme Cold (Survived the temperatures of space), Extreme Heat (With the Pyro 1116, the Shiny Ra Set and the Sun Set), Attack Reflection Negation (The Reflector can reflect the Thunderer), Explosions (With the Stone Skin), limited Information Analysis (With the Camouflage module which reduce the hiding distance of the nameandan resist X-Ray Vision with the Veteran's Honor Set), Technology Manipulation & Power Nullification (Ignores Gadgets Block and Disable Jump statuses with the with Odin Set, the Angry Bolt Set, the Sinister God Set, the Fairy Thug Set and the Superior Race Set), likely Mind Manipulation (With Third Eye which is stated to give mental armor), Corruption (Type 1) and Disease Manipulation (Anubis and Khepri invoked the plague curse on the land of the pixel pharaohs, the player can use their dark powers without being affected by the temptation or the plague.)

Just like the name suggests, Meleer is a melee type that uses a knife. Obviously, his range and damage output are much lower than those of other characters, but what really makes him valuable is the ability to detect camouflaged enemies, which can be a saving grace for new players.


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