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Sims 3 Polyamory Mod

Hi! I was wondering if I can choose whether to accept certain proposals? Because both my sims are open to poly, but when I ask for a 3-way relationship they both decline.. even though they both have a romantic relationship with the third sim. Am I doing something wrong maybe? Thank you!

Sims 3 Polyamory Mod


Hey! This mod sound really cool but im having some trouble gettin ti to wok right, I have three sims (Sim A, sim B, Sim c) that I want to be a throuple but iit isnt working right, all the sims get mad at each other when flirtingExample: A flirts with B, C loses romace with both A and B and gets a sad moodlet becasue theyre jelous.This happens with all the sims no matter what I do, All the ims prefer non exclisive relationships, they all agreed to a throuple, The only other mod i have that could be breaking it is you LGBTQIA+ mod but when i removed it the problem persisted. I really dontknow what to do and all my sims are starting to hate each other

I had an accidental poly household. I had 6 single sims and they NEVER got upset when the others flirted with who they were kinda paired up with. The eco life NAP free love was on and I didn't know (it ruined the plot challenge for me but may work for you as an option as mine weren't meant to be poly)

I've found that the best way to make poly sims is to use the player trait but also, in the case of marriage with poly sims, you can use the cheat relationship.add_bit family_husband_wife on all of the people within the relationship so it registers them as married

I've had a number of sims I've worked through the Serial Romantic aspiration with, and even once they have the Player trait their other boyfriends or girlfriends still get upset when they see the Player sim being romantic with someone else - it's a hit to their romantic and friendly relationship bars and also to their reputation! Personally I don't believe a married sim has any right to get upset about their boyfriend or girlfriend having other lovers in the first place, but the Player trait being broken is really annoying.


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