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Ibm 4820 Touch Screen Drivers

i was waiting for someone to mention it but ive been using an ir touch screen for years. ive had several resistive screens over the years and they all had the same problem. if you touch them a finger doesnt always go in the beam. it becomes a hunting game. ive had the same problem with a capacitive screen. the only solution for the capacitive screens is to put a finger in the beam once, for example on the center of the screen.

Ibm 4820 touch screen drivers


there are several ways you can do this. some of the ir ones are designed to have a small amount of movement for use with a mouse and you can increase the amount of movement with ir emitter's. the usb ones are designed to have a larger amount of movement and they use a small laser. you can use a touch monitor without a touch screen to do this. there are emitter's that can be interfaced with a camera and a usb receiver.

with my new laptop i can use an ir camera and ir emitter to control the screen. i can use the standard windows ir remote for the mouse and keyboard. or you can use an ir camera and ir emitter for the mouse and keyboard.

the manual is 1/2 a page of one 2.5 line inch x 4.25 inch black and white paper, the front cover is blank with nothing else on it. it has a detachable plastic cover, but when you open it up, its like a piece of paper is being held up to the screen.

i am using the process from the ibm web site to find drivers. you download a zip file. inside the zip file are the drivers and a batch file. you run the batch file. the batch file looks for the available drivers and then installs the drivers. if you already have a driver installed, then you will not be able to load it when you run the batch file. if you do not have a driver installed, then the batch file will install the driver for you. after you have run the batch file, you have to reboot your computer before you can use the display.


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