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Michael Tatro
Michael Tatro

Download NEW! 109F (A4) Zip

On Windows or Mac OS X, unzip the file or download the uncompressed .ttf file and copy the font to your Fonts folder. On Microsoft Windows, this folder is located under the Windows folder on your main disk. On a Mac, this is located under the Library folder on your main disk.

Download 109F (A4) zip

If you would like to contribute glyphs to the GNU Unifont effort, you can download the associated PNG file from the tables above (SMP and CSUR need additions). Then draw new glyphs in the 16-by-16 pixel area that is inside the inner box you see in the image on the left.

The comments in the BDF source font files (downloadable from the Japanese Fonts page) credit the following contributors (in order): Toshiyuki Imamura, HANATAKA Shinya, Taichi Kawabata, Koichi Yasuoka, TOYOSHIMA Masayuki, Kazuo Koike, and SATO Yasunao. 041b061a72


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