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1920x1440 Windows Vista Default Wallpapers - OS...

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Windows Vista also includes a widescreen version named img36; unlike the other widescreen wallpapers in Vista, this is natively widescreen as opposed to being cropped from 1920x1440 to 1920x1200, thus it features extra areas not present in img24. Windows DreamScene also includes an animated 16:9 version of this wallpaper, named vid1337.

Whereas Windows XP's wallpapers predominantly came from Corbis and Microsoft themselves, most of Vista's wallpapers are licensed stock photos from Getty Images which use a rights-managed license, with a few also originating from Corbis, Microsoft employees, amateur photographer Hamad Darwish and one from professional freelancer Michael Haber. They are mostly at 1920x1440, while the widescreen ones are at 1920x1200, which would become the resolution of wallpapers in later Windows versions. It is worth noting that the widescreen wallpapers appear to have been cropped from their 1920x1440 counterparts, as opposed to recropping the original image. 59ce067264


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