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Online Bachelor Psychology Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online program requires students to complete 128 credit hours: 39 credits in general education courses, 24 credits in psychology major core courses, 15 credits in a social science research sequence, and 50 credits in general electives, which allow you to tailor your education. Students with eligible transfer credits can complete their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online in less than two years studying full time or less than 3.5 years studying part time. Contact your advisor for more information.

online bachelor psychology degree


Admission to the online B.A. Psychology program is open to any person who meets entrance requirements as outlined below. Applicants will be judged on their overall ability to successfully complete an undergraduate degree program. Generally, a high school cumulative GPA of a 2.3 or higher on a 4.0 scale is required for admission. However, applicants with a cumulative high school GPA below 2.3 or applicants seeking admission with a GED will be considered for admission with the submission of additional required documents. It is recommended that transcripts are submitted from all undergraduate schools where credit was received (and no degree was earned) to support their application and request for transfer credit. (See Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy).

The Chicago School is dedicated to keeping our professional online B.A. in Psychology degree programs accessible to anyone regardless of financial status. In addition to the scholarships that may be available, our Financial Aid Department will help provide you with information to determine what financial arrangements are right for you.

Are you curious about the human mind, or why people do the things they do? Are you committed to the idea that you want to be a responsive, considerate mental health professional, or an advocate for your community? Are you passionate about engaging in innovative research on the mind and human behavior? If so, a bachelor's degree in psychology may be right for you. The Department of Psychology at Fort Hays State University provides compelling, hands-on experiential programs that will arm you with practical skills and theory.

Students earning a bachelor's degree in psychology will have a foundation to enter a specific career or to pursue additional graduate work. The first question to ask yourself is "what do you want to do?" The second question is "do you want to pursue graduate work?"

For students interested in moving directly into the workforce upon graduation, a psychology degree will provide ample skills. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites analytical, communication, interpersonal, observational, and problem-solving skills, as well as patience and integrity. These skills can be applied to a wide range of careers. Examples include human resource management, sales, criminal justice, and marketing. For students interested in pursuing careers in the mental health and helping professions with a bachelor's degree, we have created the workforce ready certificate program in case management. Students with this certificate receive direct training in becoming case managers, which is a bachelor's level career.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers comprehensive online degrees to fit your busy schedule. Using the latest technologies, we put psychology courses within reach for students who are not able to attend classes on campus or commit to full-time, face-to-face enrollment due to the time constraints of working full-time and raising a family.

The online psychology degree is 120 hours and includes general education courses plus major courses such as: Succeeding in Psychology, Personality, Pediatric Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Psychology of Sport and Human Performance.

* This is only an estimate of cost, based on currently approved 2022-2023 rates. Cost estimates do not include textbooks, exams, or course expenses, nor do they factor in individual transfer credits or scholarship information. Cost will vary if not enrolled in a fully online degree program. Active-duty military may qualify for resident tuition rate. Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Full disclaimer

CSU's online bachelor's degree in psychology teaches you to creatively and strategically use science to address real-world problems, allowing you to make a difference through a variety of career paths. Hear more from associate professor, Bryan Dik.

Discover the basic theories, principles, laws of behavior, and scientific methods used in psychological research with this online bachelor's degree in psychology. CSU's program blends training in communication and critical thinking with scientific methodology, giving you skills that apply to a wide variety of professions, and preparing you to pursue an advanced degree if you choose.

Lecture and lab pairings in this online psychology degree program will give you the opportunity to apply first-hand the scientific principles you learn. Upon completion of your degree, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge of psychological concepts across several basic content areas. The areas of study include:

Because of the program's well-rounded curriculum, transferable skills being taught, and electives based on particular fields of interest, this degree will be seen as valuable by not only psychology-based employers, but more importantly, those across industries, including business, government, education, law and medicine.

Students can graduate with a combination of online psychology courses and experiences to qualify for semiprofessional jobs in this or closely related fields. In addition, participation in paid or volunteer work, internships, study abroad, and experiential education opportunities are highly recommended as they will enhance your employment opportunities.

The curriculum for this degree is outlined below and is based on the required courses for students following the Colorado Statewide Articulation Agreement for a bachelor completion in psychology. Students may need to consult their advisor to develop a degree completion plan based on the credits transferred into this program. You have the option to use the TransferologyTM website to conduct a self-review of your potential transfer courses. This tool will assist you in seeing how previous college coursework may transfer to CSU.

Growing and managing plants requires you to understand the science and the business of cultivation, and this online bachelor's degree minor emphasizes both. To earn the horticulture minor, you must complete 21 credits from the following courses.

Please connect with your assigned advisor to request to add a minor. Note that you must apply and be admitted to the University for a bachelor's degree program before you can add a minor to your student record. Once you are admitted, one or more minors may be added to your student record.

The 24 credits of business courses focus on economics, finance, management, law, and accounting, making this degree ideal for professionals who wish to combine their interests in business and psychology.

Dr. Michelle F. Guthrie Yarwood's teaching interests include social psychology, personality psychology, human emotion, close relationships, social/personality development, applied social psychology, and positive psychology. Her research interests focus on close relationships, including love styles, online dating, respect, and the human-pet relationship. Additional research interests include the effectiveness of teaching strategies on learning, and the relationship between personality and various constructs (i.e., parenting styles, artistic drawings).

Dr. Anthony J. Nelson is an assistant teaching professor of psychology. He teaches courses in social psychology, positive psychology, research methods, and statistics. He runs the Online Social Perception Lab, an all-online psychology lab giving World Campus students an opportunity to practice psychological research. Additionally, he is an adviser for Active Minds at Penn State World Campus, an organization dedicated to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. Dr. Nelson's research focuses primarily on the role that social cues (e.g., gender, race, emotion) play in moderating perceptions.

Dr. Nicholas Pearson, an assistant teaching professor in psychology, teaches resident instruction courses at the University Park campus and online courses through Penn State World Campus. His main area of interest is in social psychology addressing issues of social justice.

Jump start your career with an online degree in Psychology from North Carolina Central University. The principles of psychology are used in most professional fields, from education to rehabilitation to human resources. A degree in Psychology from North Carolina Central University can help you build your skills, your resume and advance your career. You will grow your analytical skills needed to understand interpersonal interaction and learn valuable problem-solving techniques. The curriculum is designed to cultivate critical thinking, analyses, and application of psychological theories and paradigms through effective teaching and research. Our diverse and highly trained faculty creates a broad spectrum of research and teaching experiences for students in theoretical and applied psychology.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology provides a broad education in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. It can provide the foundation to develop your career or prepare for graduate education in psychology or a related field. In this program, you will have the opportunity to study with highly regarded faculty from North Carolina Central University. Our online faculty have been trained to develop high quality online courses that are student-centered and interactive. The program emphasizes self-development and the appreciation of human diversity, service and responsibility for individual, collective and global change. The department promotes the highest standards of teaching, scholarship, and research, thereby creating new paradigms for psychosocial health and well-being in an ever-changing world. 041b061a72


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