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Sharknado 3 ^NEW^

Irish music duo Jedward wrote and performed the film's official theme song "Oh Hell No", and also had a brief cameo in the film. In the film, Fin Shepard and his allies attempt to stop a group of sharknadoes that emerge along the East Coast of the United States, from Washington, D.C., to Florida.

Sharknado 3


In Washington, D.C., Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) attends an awards ceremony at the White House, where he is given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by the President for his heroic actions during the 2013 and 2014 sharknadoes. When a tropical depression approaches D.C, a sharknado forms and attacks and destroys the nation's capital, killing the Mayor of New York City, White House Chief of Staff, and multiple Secret Service agents. Fin and the President work together to defeat the sharks, and the sharknado eventually evaporates into thin air, rather than having been taken down by force like before.

Worried that his pregnant wife April (Tara Reid), who is attending Universal Orlando with their daughter Claudia (Ryan Newman) and her mother May (Bo Derek), is in danger, Fin drives down the East Coast in order to reach Florida. En route, Fin encounters a "fognado", which is destroyed by his former employee Nova Clarke and her partner Lucas Stevens. Nova reveals that she and Lucas have been tracking sharknado activity ever since the events in 2013. Using a mobilized RV equipped with sharknado-destroying weapons, the two have been traveling the country destroying sharknadoes and saving lives.

Nova and Lucas realize that the numerous storms will soon combine into a massive sharknado wall that will destroy the entire East Coast. The trio drive down to the Charleston Air Force Base, where they acquire a fighter jet they'll use to get to Orlando. However, Lucas sacrifices himself in order to destroy an approaching sharknado. Nova and Fin destroy a sharknado approaching the Daytona International Speedway, causing their jet to crash land in the resort at Universal. There, a sharknado kills Claudia's friend Jess while Claudia and Billy, a random stranger Claudia befriended, escape and reunite with Claudia's family.

Fin, April, Nova, Claudia, Billy and May take shelter in the Universal Studios Globe at the entrance of the resort, which is carried away by a sharknado, injuring May. While she is taken to the hospital, the rest of the group escape Universal and seek the help of Fin's estranged father, former NASA colonel Gil Shepard. Fin approaches him at a diner and convinces him to help him with a risky plan to destroy the storm from space. The group reaches a NASA facility outside Cape Canaveral, where they plan to dissipate the storm by using a top-secret Space Shuttle to blow up large tanks of rocket fuel inside it.

Nova accidentally leaks to April that Fin is heading to space in the shuttle, causing her to confront him as he is getting ready to go on the flight. The sharknado wall hits the NASA facility just as takeoff is about to begin, killing Billy while he is fending off sharks with Claudia. Too late for April to return to the command center, she joins Fin and Colonel Shepard in their journey to space. Nova uses a fighter jet to create a hole in the sharknado wall, allowing the trio a clear entrance to the atmosphere. They launch into space where they detonate the external tank, but it fails to stop the wall of sharknadoes.

Colonel Shepard deploys "Plan B", activating a Reagan-era Strategic Defense Initiative satellite laser weapon, stranding himself in space since there is not enough fuel to propel all of them back to Earth. This time, the sharknadoes are destroyed, but the beam causes the sharks to propel into space, attacking the shuttle. Fin attempts to fight them off using an energy-beam chainsaw, but he and April are swallowed by two different sharks, which fall back down to earth. Fin and April emerge from the sharks unharmed, during which Fin discovers that April had given birth during the descent; Fin decides to name his son Gil.

In the opening of "Sharknado 3," franchise hero Fin (Ian Ziering) is at the White House to be given a medal for saving New York City from the sharknado in the previous movie. Cuban, as president, presents Fin with the award.

"The Washington Monument, the White House, not far from where we are right now ... both destroyed by the worst sharknado this country has seen since the first formation two years ago," Today host Matt Lauer says. But since we've seen this act twice before, it mostly looks like product placement for Syfy's corporate parent, NBCUniversal.

While thefirst film had its goofball concept to sell it and the second had the notion ofsharks leveling the biggest city on Earth as its hook, it appears as if writerThunder Levin and director Anthony C. Ferrante were never quite able to settleon a single conceit this time around and instead elected to toss a bunch ofthem together in the hopes that something would stick. As the film opens,erstwhile surf bum-turned-hero Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) is in Washington receive the Medal of Freedom from the President (Mark Cuban) when asharknado drops in on cue and levels the city. This turns outto be only the prologue as the action shifts to the Universal Orlando Resort (abit of corporate synergy as tacky as the special effects) where Fin's wife,April (Tara Reed), and daughter Claudia (Ryan Newman) are waiting for him toarrive to help celebrate the latter's birthday.

Alas, sharknados are popping all over what isdubbed "The Feast Coast" and as Fin makes his journey from Washingtonto Florida, he encounters bloodbaths at a military base and a NASCAR racebefore finally arriving just before the big attack at the park. Then the filmmakes its final shift know, I am not even going to hint at it becausea.) it would probably involve a Spoiler and b.) you wouldn't believe me even ifI did tell you. Oh yeah,David Hassellhoff is heavily involved in this section as well and it ends withthe promise/warning of a "Sharknado 4" for good measure.

While sharknado fighter Fin Shepard is in Washington, D.C. to receive a medal of honor from the president, another sharknado strikes, devastating the nation's capital. Fin and the president work together to defeat the sharks, and the storm unexpectedly subsides. Fearing that April, who is at Universal Orlando with their daughter Claudia and her mother May, is in danger, Fin heads for Florida. On his way there, he encounters a "fognado", which is stopped by Nova Clarke, his former employee from the first film who has become a hardened sharknado storm tracker, and her partner Lucas Stevens. They stop at a military airport where they get clearance to use a fighter jet to bomb other forming sharknados. Lucas sacrifices himself to blow up a sharknado so Nova and Fin can escape. They detonate a bomb in a sharknado over the Daytona 500 race. After crash landing in Orlando they reunite with April, Claudia and May who have survived the sharknado that has hit the theme park. Realizing that the numerous storms will soon combine into a massive "sharkicane" that will destroy the entire East Coast, Fin calls in a favor from his estranged father, former NASA colonel Gil Shepard, for a risky plan to destroy the storm from space.

Gil, Fin, April, and Nova reach Cape Canaveral where they plan to use a top-secret Space Shuttle to blow up tanks of rocket fuel into the storm. While Nova clears a path, Gil, Fin and April launch into space where they detonate the external tank, but it fails to stop the wall of sharknados. Gil deploys "Plan B", activating a Reagan-era Strategic Defense Initiative satellite laser weapon. This time, the sharknados are destroyed, but the beam causes the sharks to propel into space, attacking the shuttle. Fin fights them off using an energy-beam chainsaw; he and April are eaten by two separate sharks which fall back down to Earth. Though the sharks are charred from atmospheric entry, Fin emerges from his shark and discovers that April has too along with their newborn. As the family and Nova reunite, Fin names his newborn son after his father, who has landed on the moon. April is about to recover Fin's father's badge when a Shuttle fragment is about to hit her.[2]

The film starts with Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) running frantically through Washington DC. He's picked up by two agents who escort him to the White House. A ceremony is held for him in honor of his heroics against the sharknados in Los Angeles and New York. Fin receives a golden chainsaw as part of an exclusive society from the President (Mark Cuban). One security guard (Lou Ferrigno) also takes a picture with Fin. Suddenly, a sharknado strikes, sending dozens of hungry sharks down on the city. As people are ripped apart, Fin grabs his golden chainsaw and slices through the sharks like butter. Outside, the storm destroys the Washington Monument and causes it to plow through the White House. Fin and others try fighting back until the storm abruptly stops.

Fin heads to Florida to find his loved ones when another sharknado strikes. As the sharks rain down, Fin is helped by his old friend Nova (Cassie Scerbo) and her new partner Lucas (Frankie Muniz). Nova kills several sharks and takes Fin with her. Since almost dying in the first movie, she has toughened herself up and has been tracking sharknados to prevent further devastation. Lucas thinks it's cool how Fin has defeated countless sharks, especially during the battle in New York, but Fin is still mourning the loss of his friend Skye.

The three head to a military airport to meet with Fin's other old friend General Gottlieb (Tim Russ). He allows Fin, Nova, and Lucas to enter and for Fin and Nova to pilot jets to get through the storm. Another sharknado comes down, killing numerous soldiers. Lucas rushes to detonate a bomb, but he keeps getting his limbs ripped off by sharks. He finally sets the bomb off, killing himself and other sharks.

The heroes realize that a multitude of storms are coming, creating a massive "sharkicane" that will ravage the East Coast. Fin decides he must seek help from one person - his estranged dad and retired NASA Colonel Gil (David Hasselhoff). Fin finds Gil in a diner with his buddies and asks him to join the mission to take down the sharknados. 041b061a72


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