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[S14E9] Check In And Check Out

Nick believes that Alison is telling the truth, as the woman he questioned is nothing like the woman in the video. Alison's tox screen also came back negative. This leads Morgan to conclude that the room is responsible; it's the common denominator in all four cases. Henry and Hodges are sent to check out the room, which contains some volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air conditioning vent and mold behind the walls. Hodges processes the bathroom and is sprayed with an air freshener in the process. Soon, he's found unexplainably staring at his reflection at the mirror. He soon attacks Henry, who is able to lock his fellow lab tech in the bathroom and call for backup.

[S14E9] Check In and Check Out

What's up everyone? Welcome to another episode of the dateable podcast. We are here to be your dating sherpas and best friends as we discuss. Everything there needs to be discussed in modern dating and scams seems to be like the topic of the hour right now. I feel like you need a best friend when you've been skipped on a day to gap. So this is the perfect sock. Of all places to romance scam is probably the worst kind of scam. It really is. I mean, we're gonna go into this in the episode, but this has been around forever, but definitely in the recent months has been a lot of traction, a lot of Netflix shows around scams. We had the Tinder swindler, which was clearly very close to her with dating apps, inventing Anna, and then what was the vegan one? I'm like, always playing. Bad. Bad vegan. That was a good one. I haven't watched that one yet. Oh, it's so terrible. Because that's the thing with these people, like the victims that they portray, they're always smart. They seem level headed. They seem like very intelligent people, but then they get scammed because it's a matter of the heart. Yeah, and that's exactly what we set out to do in this episode was to see if this was actually happening to real life daters out there in our community. And when we put the initial call out audit, the response was overwhelming. Basically everyone's like, yep, I've been scammed. This is all a 110% true. Have you been scammed before? It's shocking. It's shocking. I've never been scammed as a romance scam, because I feel like as soon as someone asked me for money, I'm like, who the fuck are you? I haven't even met you. Why are you asking me for money? I have been almost scammed in so many other ways. I almost gave my car away with a wire fraud. Oh shit. I'm sure you've heard of this one. They send you well, wire fraud, but they send you a cashier's check. And it's usually sight unseen. They're like, I want your car. Here's the extra money, 'cause I'm gonna have a moving company, come get the car. So you pay the moving company. So they give you extra money, they don't negotiate with you. So you get this cashier's check that you can actually cash, okay? And then two days later, the bank will call you and say that cashiers check doesn't work. I don't know why there's a flaw in the system, but then by that point, you've already given away your car and you've given that quote unquote moving company, that extra money, which is just them stealing your car. You're paying someone to steal your car. Wow. You know, I got a call once and I freaked the fuck out. It was about student loans from UC Berkeley. And then I realized that I didn't even have student loans for UC Berkeley wait. I was like, in the moment, freaking out, I'm like, wait, this doesn't actually even exist. 'cause I went to like the post college program there. But I didn't have any loans. It wasn't undergrad. And you're like, wait, I didn't even go there. I mean, I did technically, but it wasn't like for that type of program that you would have loads for. It didn't make any sense. And then my poor grandmother, she was almost about to take out a ton of money because they knew all this info on my brother and sister in law, and they made it sound like they were kidnapped. And they were using their names. Her aid at the time was like, this is a scam. Thank God she would have fallen for it because they pray on older people all the time. They do so much of that. My mom and I were in Tibet and she got scammed by someone calling her saying, we know your husband has money in Shanghai, which is true. We have money in China. And they were like, we are the Shanghai police. You can call back on this number and then you call back and it's like the Shanghai police department. And she was on the phone for three hours crying 'cause they were like, we're gonna take away this money. Why are this money to us? This is illegal and she's like, I don't think this is illegal. Anyway, they went back and forth. She was at the ATM and I had just gotten back from wherever I was at. And I saw her at the ATM, I was like, mom, what the fuck are you doing? And she's like, I'm about to transfer some money to the Shanghai government. I'm like, no, you're not. Oh my God. Shit. What the fuck? Yeah, they really prey on older people. And I think a lot of romance scams are like that too. Well, yes and no. I mean, I think there is a truth, but then we also, in this episode, we talk to a scam expert along with actual daters and it sounds like anyone is susceptible to it. So while yeah, there might be some people that are maybe more. I think this could happen to anyone and even the people we talk to would say, I would never have thought that this would happen to me until it was me.

And he thought we should even start talking about engagement within just a couple days of meeting him. And I was a little skeptical, but was also so flattered. And as we got to know each other, he had just moved to the area and started a new job. And he hadn't got his first paycheck yet. So he had a ticket that needed to get paid or he would lose his license and then wouldn't be able to get to work. So he asked if I would pay for his ticket. And that he was guaranteeing me he would pay me back as soon as he got his first paycheck. So I paid the ticket $165 and then he also told me this very dramatic story about his ex-wife who was physically abusive to him and manipulative and she had stolen his dog and dropped him in the middle of nowhere and a shelter had contacted him and had his dog, and he wanted to get the dog back, but knew he needed to have the dog neutered in order for him to live in an apartment. So we looked at pricing and it was way cheaper to have the dog neutered in the shelter than at a local clinic. And he asked me again. Would you pave for my dog to get neutered and then I will pay you back as soon as I get my first paycheck. And I agreed I'm very much a dog person. And I knew the prices were way cheaper. I had gotten my dog neutered about a year and a half ago, and it was easily three times the price at a vet clinic than at the shelter. So I paid for the dog to get neutered, which was another $115. Then he asked, you know, since things are going so well between us, I'm getting totally see that we're going to get married. Do you think you could let me get on your cell phone plan because my bill is due and I can't, I can't pay it. They want to cancel my phone. I really need my phone. And I kind of drew the line there. I said, you know, I don't feel comfortable doing that. And you seem fine with that. He didn't argue or anything. So we are going to things are going along quite nicely. He's spending every night with me and decided that he wanted to move in with me because it would just give us that much more time together to really get to know one another. And I was hesitant, but inevitably I agreed and that night after he moved in, he was like, I'm going to take you out and show you a good time like we are going to have the best time ever. I have the great plan and I am paying for everything. Leave your wallet at home, it's all on me. So we go to this very expensive, high end steakhouse that I had never gone to before because I knew it was expensive. And we get dessert and wine and I ended up ordering an appetizer because I felt bad. I didn't want to get a steak that was going to cost so much. So I just had the appetizer as my entree. And he paid the bill and tipped pretty well and then we were in the parking garage and couldn't get out. His credit cards and debit card were declined at the kiosk. So to me that meant he literally had spent every last penny on that dinner. And so he was going through his cup holders, getting spare change to get us out of the garage. Thank goodness he had just enough. And we went home to my apartment and got in some silly argument that lasted hours. And I did reveal after only knowing you for a week, I've did some Internet searching on love and how long it takes to know someone well enough to say you love them. They said it was like at least three weeks and I told them that and I was like, you know, I don't I don't know if we're using that word correctly now and so he called me emotionally abusive and said I was a liar and that he wanted to go sleep in his car tonight because he couldn't stand me near me and I begged him not to was cold and we ended up arguing until about 5 a.m. and I was pleading with him just to let me sleep. So eventually we get to sleep the next morning I wake up to walk my dog and I'm texting my friend. This guy is not what I thought he was we got in this big fight. Can you and your husband come to my apartment and help me get him out? Unbeknownst to me, she took that as I was unsafe in a dangerous situation. So she called the cops. During this walk with my dog, you know I end up heading back to my apartment and confront this man and say, you know, I really think you need to leave. My Friends are gonna come over and they're gonna make sure you go because I don't feel safe with you. I don't think I know you well enough to have you living here and I think we should break up. And of course he begged and pleaded and once he realized I was set on him leaving, he demanded that I pay him for the dinner last night because he had spent all of his money on me. 041b061a72


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