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Apple Mac Website \/\/FREE\\\\

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Apple Mac Website

This document is part of the US-CERT website archive. These documents are no longer updated and may contain outdated information. Links may also no longer function. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the US-CERT website archive.

Sophos Home Mac antivirus protects your Macs from ransomware by shutting down processes that encrypt personal information. It then reverts data to a pre-tampered state. It also blacklists malicious websites, making sure you do not inadvertently connect to them. Couple this with privacy protection and the ability to share and manage computer security with multiple devices, and you have an antivirus that offers end-to-end protection.

Safari version 4.0.3 fixes separate buffer overflow bugs in the CoreGraphics and ImageIO components of the Windows version of the browser that each create a critical code injection risk. In each case, visiting a maliciously crafted website with an unpatched browser creates a drive-by download risk.

Mac users also need to update to Safari version 4.0.3 because of a critical WebKit vuln, which poses a similar 'visit a hacker-controlled website and get pwned' danger. The Mac version of the browser also fixes two lesser WebKit flaws, while a problem that means a maliciously crafted website may get promoted into Safari's at-a-glance Top Sites view is fixed in both Win and Mac flavours of Safari.

MobileMe replaced .Mac last July, but Apple has maintained legacy support for HomePage and Groups users who are MobileMe subscribers. On July 7, HomePage users will no longer be able to publish, edit, or delete pages. At that time, all current pages will remain live as long as their owner is a MobileMe subscriber, although subscribers will be able to manually delete pages. Once .Mac HomePage disappears, Apple recommends MobileMe subscribers use iWeb and its publishing functionality for websites and MobileMe Gallery for sharing photos. 350c69d7ab


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