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Nightcore - On The Floor (Lyrics) |BEST|

The name is derived from the Norwegian musical duo Nightcore, which released pitch-shifted versions of trance and eurodance songs. Nightcore is also commonly associated and accompanied with anime and otaku culture, with many YouTube thumbnails of nightcore remixes containing anime characters and art.

Nightcore - On The Floor (Lyrics)


One of the first major nightcore videos was for Rockefeller Street, a song by Getter Jaani that was performed at Eurovision 2011. The song became an internet meme after the nightcore version was posted to YouTube by a user known as Andrea, who was known as an Osu! player.[10][better source needed] From there, the music rose in popularity with more people applying the nightcore treatment to more non-dance genres such as pop music and hip hop. Many of the pioneer uploaders of nightcore including Maikel631 have called these non-dance edits "fake".[4] The nightcore scene then crossed over to SoundCloud with the help of artist lilangelboi, who had released around ten to fifteen edits on the service before signing with Manicure Records. The head of Manicure, Tom "Ghibli" Mike, recalled, "I just got totally obsessed with it. I put up that one he did, "Light"; we had him up here to DJ a few parties; and then he moved here. That was totally how nightcore became a thing for us."[4] The label's #MANICURED playlist consisted of nightcore renditions of K-pop and electro house tracks, a few of them also incorporating production techniques outside of pitch-shifting and speeding up the source material, such as "Mile High" by Chipped Nails and Ponibbi and "Fave Hours" by F I J I.[4]

By the mid-2010s, the nightcore scene had garnered attention from musicians such as Djemba Djemba, Maxo and Harrison, Nina Las Vegas, Ryan Hemsworth, Lido, Moistbreezy, and PC Music founders Danny L Harle and A. G. Cook.[4] Harle and Cook have claimed nightcore to be influences in interviews,[4] the former saying in an interview,

Throughout the late aughts and into the 2010s, it became the subject of a number of awful memes, and even an entry on, where a surprisingly extensive history of the music sits next to histories of trap and its infamous air horn sample. Like that iconic, oft-sampled sound, nightcore's inescapable appeal lies in loud, brash, low-brow fun, a heart-pounding blunderbuss of gooey, candy-coated sounds. It's an artifact indebted to an earlier, less formalized internet, one where file-sharing and forum culture reigned supreme, and where many aspiring producers first experienced the thrill of connecting with a larger community online.[9]

Dance Music Northwest described nightcore as "too catchy, too danceable, and far too much fun to not welcome into the dance music mainstream."[5] David Turner of MTV described a nightcore remix of "7 Years" by Lukas Graham as the same as "the normal [...] song" and "plagiarism."[12]

As social media platform TikTok rose to prominence in the 2020s, music magazine Pitchfork noted: "Much of the music that performs well on TikTok has been modified slightly, either sped-up or slowed-down." Pitchfork quoted one nightcore TikTok creator: "Editors really enjoy sped-up music because edits with sped-up audios are much more energetic and interesting to watch."[13]

Get up on the floorDancin' all night longGet up on the floorDancin' till the break of dawnGet up on the floorDancin' till the break of dawnGet up on the floorDancin'

Get up on the floorDancin' all night longGet up on the floorDancin' till the break of dawnGet up on the floorDancin' till the break of dawnGet up on the floorDancin' (oh) 041b061a72


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