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Wandering Rose

A romantic sachet of wandering pink, red, and white roses. This is one of the most beautiful and praised flowers valued by cultures worldwide. The rose is the national flower of the United States and the state flower of Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota and D.C.

Wandering Rose

NEW! Limited Edition Easter Collection. Our delectable rabbits are filled with our house crafted caramel, touched with prized Bulgarian rose water and fragaria vesca, commonly known as fraise des bois strawberries. We seek these fine, delicate, wild strawberries for their unique and delicate parfum. These beautiful bunnies are captured within an encasement of our proprietary 62% cacao dark chocolate.

Having spent almost three years preparing for it, Mandic made the first step of The Rose of Wandering from Blake's grave in London on September 9th, 1991. Since then he has walked 20 km each day which, in five years, adds up to about 35,000 km. Until t he end of the project in 2001, the trail of the blue virtual rose will be 60,000 kilometres long. In the course of his walks, Mandic compiles his poetic notes which are published every year in book form. Apart from that, his pencil leaves a trail of sketches, one each day, depicting herbs, contributing to the cycle of 3650 sketches under the title, "The Herbs of Europe." His solemn Sunday walks, "Monuments to the Anonymous Forces of Love" and "I Ask for the Passport of the Man on the Move," are in fact a sub-project of this ten year project. Pausing from his walks in cities, Mandi} has given two series of lectures during the fifth and this, the sixth, year of The Rose of Wandering.

The Rose of Wandering is on course. We can learn about this blue flower which springs out of European ground by walking along with Miroslav Mandic, picturing a virtual flower sprung from human footsteps, visualizing the joys and experiences of this great wandering which is reminiscent of Homer or Joyce, or reading the volumes of The Rose of Wandering, which are defined by Mandic as alternately a novel, a poem, a journal, and a religious text. 041b061a72


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