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Phillauri Movie Download: How Utorrent Can Help You Stream the Fun-Filled Fantasy Comedy

Phillauri Utorrent Download: How to Watch the Fantasy-Comedy Movie Online for Free

Do you love movies that combine romance, comedy, and fantasy? If so, you might want to check out Phillauri, a 2017 Indian film that tells the story of a man who accidentally marries a ghost and learns about her past life. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Phillauri, including how to watch it online for free using Utorrent, a popular torrent client.

Phillauri Utorrent Download

What is Phillauri and why is it popular?

Phillauri is a Hindi-language film that was directed by Anshai Lal and produced by Anushka Sharma, who also stars as the female lead. The film also features Diljit Dosanjh, Suraj Sharma, and Mehreen Pirzada in prominent roles. The film was released on March 24, 2017, and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. However, it was praised for its originality, humor, music, and performances, especially by Sharma and Dosanjh. The film also won one award and received six nominations at various film festivals and ceremonies.

The film's plot revolves around Kanan, a young man who returns to India from Canada to marry his long-term girlfriend Anu. However, he learns that he is a Manglik (born under an unlucky star) and has to marry a tree before marrying Anu. He reluctantly marries the tree, which is then chopped down after the ceremony. As a result, he is haunted by the spirit of Shashi, a woman who lived in that tree and claims to be his wife. Through Shashi's flashbacks, Kanan learns about her life as a poetess in Punjab in the early 20th century, and her love story with Roop Lal, a singer who inspired her poetry.

What is Utorrent and how does it work?

Utorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients in the world. It allows you to download files from other users who share them on the internet. Torrents are small files that contain information about larger files, such as movies, music, games, etc. When you download a torrent file using Utorrent, you can then open it with Utorrent and start downloading the actual file from other users who have it. This way, you can get the file faster and more efficiently than downloading it from a single source. However, you should also be careful about the legality and safety of the files you download, as some of them may be copyrighted or contain viruses. How to download Phillauri using Utorrent?

If you want to watch Phillauri online for free, you can use Utorrent to download it from a torrent site. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Download and install Utorrent on your device. You can get it from the official website or from other sources. Make sure you choose the right version for your operating system and device.

  • Go to a torrent site that has Phillauri available for download. You can search for it on Google or use sites like The Pirate Bay, 1337x, or RARBG. Be careful of fake or malicious sites that may harm your device or steal your data.

  • Find the torrent file that has Phillauri in the best quality and size for your preference. You can check the file details, such as resolution, format, size, seeders, leechers, etc. before downloading it. You can also read the comments and reviews from other users to see if the file is good or not.

  • Download the torrent file to your device and open it with Utorrent. You will see a window that shows the file name, size, location, etc. You can also choose which files you want to download or skip if there are multiple files in the torrent.

  • Click on OK to start downloading Phillauri. You will see the progress of the download on Utorrent, such as the speed, time left, peers, etc. You can also pause or resume the download at any time.

  • Once the download is complete, you can open the file and watch Phillauri on your device. You can use any media player that supports the file format. You may also need subtitles if the file does not have them embedded.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded Phillauri using Utorrent. Enjoy watching the movie and have fun!

Phillauri Movie Review: A Charming Tale of Love and Ghosts

Now that you have downloaded Phillauri, you might be wondering what the movie is all about. Is it worth watching? What are its strengths and weaknesses? In this section, we will give you a brief review of Phillauri, covering its plot, cast, reception, and awards.

Plot summary: What is the story of Phillauri?

Phillauri is a fantasy-comedy film that has two parallel stories: one set in the present day and one set in 1919 Punjab. The present-day story follows Kanan, a Canada-based rapper who returns to India to marry his childhood sweetheart Anu. However, he is told by a priest that he is a Manglik and has to marry a tree first to ward off bad luck. He reluctantly agrees and ties a thread around a tree in a forest. However, he unknowingly frees Shashi, a friendly ghost who was trapped in that tree for 98 years.

Shashi claims that Kanan is her husband and follows him everywhere. She tells him that she was a poetess who lived in Punjab during the British rule. She fell in love with Roop Lal, a folk singer who sang her poems and gave her the pen name Phillauri. They eloped and got married secretly, but their happiness was short-lived as Roop Lal was killed by British soldiers during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Shashi died of a broken heart and became a ghost who waited for her lover's return.

Kanan tries to get rid of Shashi but also feels sorry for her. He decides to help her reunite with Roop Lal's spirit by finding his old record and playing it near the tree where they were married. Meanwhile, Anu becomes suspicious of Kanan's behavior and thinks he is having an affair. She also learns that her family's ancestral mansion is going to be demolished by a corrupt politician who wants to build a mall there.

The film ends with Kanan succeeding in his mission and freeing Shashi from her curse. Shashi meets Roop Lal's spirit and they embrace each other before disappearing into the sky. Kanan and Anu reconcile and get married happily. They also manage to save Anu's mansion from being destroyed by exposing the politician's scam.

Cast and crew: Who are the actors and filmmakers behind Phillauri?

Phillauri has a talented and charming cast that brings the characters to life. The main actors are: - Anushka Sharma as Shashi Kumari/Phillauri: She is the producer and the female lead of the film. She plays the role of a ghost who was a poetess in her previous life. She is known for her roles in films like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, PK, Sultan, and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. - Diljit Dosanjh as Roop Lal Phillauri: He is the male lead of the film. He plays the role of a singer who was Shashi's lover in her previous life. He is a popular Punjabi singer and actor who made his Bollywood debut with Udta Punjab. - Suraj Sharma as Kanan Gill: He is the second male lead of the film. He plays the role of a rapper who accidentally marries Shashi's ghost. He is best known for his role in Life of Pi. - Mehreen Pirzada as Anu: She is the female lead of the present-day story. She plays the role of Kanan's fiancee who is unaware of his ghostly problem. She is a model and actress who made her Bollywood debut with this film. The film also has supporting actors like Manav Vij, Nidhi Bisht, Anshai Lal, and others who play various roles in the film. The film was directed by Anshai Lal, who made his directorial debut with this film. The film was written by Anvita Dutt, who also wrote the lyrics for the songs. The film was produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma under their banner Clean Slate Films, in association with Fox Star Studios. Critical reception: What did the critics and audiences say about Phillauri?

Phillauri received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its originality, humor, music, and performances, especially by Sharma and Dosanjh. However, it was also criticized for its uneven pace, weak script, and lack of coherence between the two stories. The film has a rating of 6.1/10 on IMDb, 3/5 on Times of India, and 59% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some of the positive and negative reviews are:

"Phillauri is a fun-filled romantic ride that will touch your heart with its emotional quotient." - Bollywood Hungama

"Phillauri has some spirited performance from its cast particularly Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh. But there is not enough soul to make it soar." - Hindustan Times

"Phillauri is a sweet, simple story with moments that will make you smile." - Filmfare

"Phillauri tries to say too much too quickly, leaving behind a tangled mess that doesn't know where to go or what to do." - Firstpost

Awards and nominations: What accolades did Phillauri receive?

Phillauri won one award and received six nominations at various film festivals and ceremonies. The award it won was:

  • Best Playback Singer (Female) for Jasleen Royal for the song "Din Shagna Da" at Zee Cine Awards 2018

The nominations it received were:

  • Best Actress (Critics) for Anushka Sharma at Filmfare Awards 2018

  • Best Debut Director for Anshai Lal at Filmfare Awards 2018

  • Best Music Album for Shashwat Sachdev and Jasleen Royal at Filmfare Awards 2018

  • Best Playback Singer (Male) for Diljit Dosanjh for the song "Dum Dum" at Filmfare Awards 2018

  • Best Supporting Actor (Male) for Diljit Dosanjh at Zee Cine Awards 2018

  • Best Debutant Director for Anshai Lal at Zee Cine Awards 2018

Phillauri Movie Facts: Things You May Not Know About the Film b70169992d


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