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Where To Buy Cheap Magic Cards

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Where To Buy Cheap Magic Cards

Have MTG cards for sale No need to look elsewhere. We are also happy to buy MTG cards from you. We also buy cards that are slightly played and heavily played at a discount rate. Check out the details of our buylist guide and grading guide of MTG card prices here to learn how to sell your cards to us at very quick and easy way.

While eBay has great potential there are also pitfalls. This is extremely important to understand and is why some are reluctant to use the site. If time is a factor you may regret how long it takes to dig to avoid potential problems and find deals. In this case, I suggest sourcing cards elsewhere. However, if you are willing to search, research, and bide your time, you can find some phenomenal deals. How do you determine risky ventures versus steals Feedback is step number one.

What if a seller has very little feedback or it's a new account In my experience, avoid. Again, this is why feedback is so important. While it is possible that someone makes a brand new eBay account in 2022 and lists their Power 9 or dual lands with zero feedback, it's extremely unlikely. My advice here is to only purchase high-end cards from massively reputable sellers. There are too many fake cards and fake accounts to do otherwise. Things that look too good to be true are exactly that. If you are interested in high-end cards only do business in person where you can physically inspect them before you buy. eBay is just not that place.

Here is where we come back to scrutinizing the feedback of a seller who has some Magic product listed. Let's say they have dozens of sales for clothing, DVDs, maybe some action figures, but zero Magic feedback. Great! They are either selling their personal collection or they picked up cards at a yard sale etc. They see the cards as potential money but not hard dollars. This can be hugely advantageous.

Obviously, you can save on shipping by bundling your purchases but there's a way to pay $0 for shipping. Search for auctions that allow local pickup! When you pick up the cards yourself you get to see them firsthand to accurately account for condition, and maybe even get a sneak peek at inventory that's not yet listed. eBay Terms of Service remind you to be careful meeting people outside of eBay, but that has more to do with not stiffing eBay out of their fees. I'm not suggesting you break the ToS, far from it. They offer this search methodology and I will never feel bad for using it. Purchasing additional items from a seller that are not listed on eBay is perfectly fine. Primarily this is useful for buying collections or lots where the savings in shipping can be worth the cost in gas and time. I've found some pretty cool stuff that isn't even Magic-related this way as well.

Buying collections is an essential part of mtgfinance. While speculation is far more exciting, buying collections is really the bread and butter of making money with Magic cards. Just look at all the major vendors. They don't buy and sell Magic cards like stocks; instead, they buy them like they were running a pawn shop or second-hand store. If we use Magic players as an example, speculating is sort of like Justin Cohen, they guy who wins a PTQ and Top 8's his very first Pro Tour. It's awesome when it happens, but it's not something that you can really expect or count on. Collection buying, on the other hand, is Christian Calcano, a grinder who grinds prize money week after week, tournament after tournament. Sure, maybe he didn't take home $20,000 in his first Pro Tour, but over time, the profits are just as great. So today I'd like to talk about where to find collections, and begin a discussion on some of the basic rules of collection buying.

A final note on Craiglist: make sure to try alternative search terms. I generally use not only "Magic Cards," but "Magic the Gathering," "Magic: the Gathering", and "MTG" as well. You will be surprised how many people don't have the word "magic" and sometimes even "cards" in their listing for an "MTG Collection." Leave no stone unturned in the search bar.

The competition is also fierce on Ebay. Unlike Craiglist where you are competing with a handful of local buyers, you are competing with every Magic player/collector on Ebay. They range from people just getting back into the game to people who buy cards for a living for ChannelFireball or StarCityGames. This makes it very difficult for a worthwhile collection to slip through the cracks, which means the main (only) way to make money with Ebay collections is to take more risk than the other buyers (like the guy in the story I just told). Needless to say, this is dangerous. Even when you think you find a good deal, you have to ask yourself, "Am I really smarter than everyone else, or am I missing something"

A few years back, one of the local stores decided they were going to get out of the Magic singles business. I had been buying booster boxes at this store for years and the owner gave me the first chance at buying out his leftover inventory as just-above-bulk rates, which I did happily. One of his problems was that people kept coming in to sell him their collections. Even though he was out of the singles business, it pained him to see those cards walk out the door. So we ended up coming to an agreement where he would call me whenever a collection came in, and I would give him a finder's fee for the referral. I'm not saying this is possible in all locations, as many places obviously want to buy the collections themselves, but it is worth looking into. If there is a store in your area that isn't buying collections or isn't in the singles business, see if you can help fill that role. It helps the store and it will also benefit you.

You need to value cards at the price you can actually get when you sell them. TCG-mid pricing means very little when buying collections. If you buy collections at TCG-mid, or even TCG-low, you are going to lose money. There are various methods out there for calculating the "true" worth of cards. Personally, I just think in buylist prices. If you can buy for at-or-below buylist price, you are in great shape. You can also try to pay somewhere between 50% - 65% of TCG-low, which amounts to a few percentage points below the typical spread of 30-40%. You can use average Ebay prices, but make sure you account for shipping and fees which can be as high as 15%. I don't care what method you use; find one that works and stick with it. The important thing is that you realize you are not SCG or CFB, so you are not going to get their prices.

This one is very powerful, but interesting enough not to be banned absolutely everywhere. Arguably Blue at its bluest, three mana allows you to hunt down any three cards in your library... but you only get to keep one. Your opponent gets to choose two to go in the graveyard, but that still gives you a lot of power. If they don't know your strategy, you could try and fool them, or just pick three super-cards and watch them struggle to guess which one is least dangerous. And if you're running some graveyard snuffling cards, you can always get the two they made you throw away back.

Our MtG proxies use the latest printing technology, so they fit in perfectly with your existing decks. These MtG proxy cards are printed and cut to the exact dimensions of a normal magic card. We are constantly adding new cards, so check back often for the latest.

While the selection of cards and images on is really good, a few of the newer cards were missing, and for some cards I wanted to use my own images. This Youtube video gives a guide for taking an image from a card database, and formatting it for MPC. MPC expects a certain amount of boarder to allow for inconsistencies in where exactly the card will be cut. I successfully followed this process and ended up with great looking cards. For example, MPC Autofille was missing the art for the card The Biblioplex, so I downloaded the art and followed the video (using GIMP instead of photoshop) and wound up with:

Buying lots of really cheap cards usually results in few (or even just one) recommended sellers. Maybe I could get those cheap cards from someone else even cheaper, but less sellers means smaller shipping costs. A list with more expensive cards usually gets divvied up between multiple sellers. This obviously increases shipping costs, but if someone sells a card for way less than everyone else, it might sometimes be best to buy just one card from them.

In an ideal situation, all 250 cards would be split into groups for cheapest total cost, and then I would just have 2 orders based on those groups. But since I can't know the groups, I want to minimize breaking up the groups and causing more packages & shipping cost.

A little far fetched, but if a lot of the cheap cards are for example commons or uncommon from the same set. You could buy the whole common set from it, even when not needing/wanting some cards from that. If this is the case you can get a lot of the cards for a low price and with that shorten your list.

The only white card among the best 10 cheap MTG cards is the most efficient removal spell of all time. Sure, your opponent will gain some life, but you only spent a single white mana to do so and you got to exile it. No death triggers, no coming back from the graveyard.

Then you remember mill victories are a thing. But when both players share a deck, every step closer to milling your opponent out is a step toward milling yourself out. You know one of you is going to eventually draw from an empty library and lose the game, but you both have access to Memory Lapse and Metamorphose to put things back where they came from, which is fine until you realise that your opponent can just draw that card at instant speed and you'll still deck yourself. Ah, but then you remember that you can just mill that card in response with the other mode on Vision Charm, and your opponent will have played themselves. That's just a tiny peek into the sort of thinking that can go into a fight over the final cards in the library. 59ce067264


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