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Murder Case Game APK: A Challenging and Fun Casual Game for Android

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game is a detective decryption game developed by the game maker Relentless Software. The story is adapted from the novel of the same name. The game player plays a detective called Sam Pearce, Cases of strange cases, the player through careful observation and various investigative techniques to collect evidence, and put them in series to find out the truth of the case.

murder case game apk

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game The game is adapted from the novel of the same title, the game advancing the use of similar movie narrative style, the player plays Sam Pearce is an ordinary detective, received a phone call to detect the case, in addition to their investigation site Find a variety of clues, you can also connect the forensic Alex to seek help.

The game uses a cartoon style of the screen, the entire picture did not give a feeling of repression, but because of the use of brighter colors, so it feels a bit relaxed. Sam Pearce, the detective who played the game during the game, took over a tricky murder case. The player needed to gather all the evidence on the scene and integrate these seemingly scattered evidences to find out the logical relationship and eventually solve the case. There is an assistant behind every detective, who will be assisted by phone during the game.

The picture of the game is very good, although it is indoors murder cases, but did not use the kind of dark oppressive game style, but the scene is bright color, giving a relaxed feeling. The game player is mainly to collect all kinds of evidence, the scattered evidence to integrate and classification, and ultimately in series to restore the truth of things.

The game uses a first-person perspective, the scene players can not be free to move around by sliding to change their perspective, click on somewhere in the scene to narrow perspective, two fingers sliding outward to restore their normal perspective In addition, the scene there are open the door, scanning fingerprints, scanning ID cards, etc., a strong sense of the times.

The game in the case of a car repair shop which opened the door after the game officially began. The game is a bit similar to the chamber of treasure hunt, the player needs in a limited scene requires a variety of evidence, the difference is that the evidence sought to be screened, only those important evidence can be placed in the chain of evidence, which the final Mystery.

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The case took place in a car repair shop, so the beginning of the game players will appear in front of the repair shop, the operation of the game is not too difficult, players only need a few minutes to master all the actions in the game. The game uses a first-person perspective, the game which players are not free to move, the player clicks the appropriate location to move to the designated place, and drag the finger left or right to control the role of the perspective of mobile, in addition to the popular elements of the scene can interact , Players can also drag your finger to interact. For example, a doorknob requires the player to click and then drag it down to open the door.

The explanations in the game are in English, so it is troublesome when searching clues. At the same time, not all the evidence is obvious, some are hidden, and some need to be detected by the instrument. Basically, the feedback information is neither Understand, forensic Alex's phone does not know what he is talking about, so for poor English players, the game is still playing with difficulty.

Everyone loves a good puzzle; they're great for killing time and keeping the old deductive reasoning skills nice and sharp. You have plenty of awesome puzzle apps to choose from on Android, and detective games make up some of the very best on the platform. Their talent for testing players' observation and reasoning skills blends with almost any context, and their slower gameplay thrives on a touch interface, ideal for the best Android phones. This round-up of great detective games showcases our favorites, and there's some real creativity on display here. Read on for some phenomenal worlds, characters, and puzzles.

It is unlikely that you haven't heard of the Layton series, but if you are new, here's a rundown. Professor Layton is a puzzle adventure series following the titular professor Layton, a former archeologist and private investigator traveling with his apprentice Luke. Their adventures span several titles, and Layton: Curious Village in HD is a remaster of the first game. You arrive in a town to uncover the truth about a mysterious murder and a hidden treasure, a problem to which puzzle-solving is the only solution. The remaster provides the charming visual style and soundtrack of the original, along with the compelling and fun characters and even some unique cutscenes made specifically for it. Everything that made the original game an excellent pickup has translated well to the mobile platform; longtime fans will certainly get a nostalgia trip as well as a challenge. You better not sleep on this one; it's well worth a try.

Duskwood - Detective Story is an interactive crime narrative about locating a missing girl. The initial presentation is reminiscent of The Healing, a game that uses similar immersive gameplay of impersonating a real group chat app, ala Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Characters are added to the chat in a scripted fashion, and you are given choices as to what your contribution to the conversation will be, the story adapting to your answers. While unsettling, thanks to its effective immersion, games like Duskwood - Detective Story are unquestionably unique, creepy, and more than worth a try.

I am Innocent kicks off with a far more intense chat simulator exchange with no explanation or context. Marked unique qualities include a TellTales The Walking Dead style prompt to indicate whether a relationship is improving or not, as well as multiple one-on-one conversations (as opposed to group chats). This does mean that there's a lot more exposition in very long strings, so make sure you enjoy reading because this game assumes you do. Yes, your dialogue choices affect the way characters interact with you and with each other, giving a ton of replay value to see how things can and will turn out differently. This game style shows great promise from the amount of tension it can effortlessly build. Recommended.

Ace Attorney Trilogy is a compilation release of the first three games in the iconic series. You take control of Phoenix Wright, a rookie lawyer tasked with defending his clients in court while compiling evidence in pursuit of the truth. To say this series is unique would be an understatement, combining criminal trials, a usually dry and boring affair, with dramatic anime-style flair with engaging gameplay to keep you on your toes. Said gameplay boils down to answering questions correctly and reacting to developments in the trial quickly and wisely. The tutorial is very amusing, showing off these gameplay mechanics through questions asked of Phoenix in court while incredibly nervous and constantly panicking. Going in as a fan of the best anime games will help, and if you embrace the silliness on display, this world and its characters and fun gameplay will suck you in. Nothing objectionable here.

White Night is a puzzle-adventure game with themes of isolation and creeping paranoia, in which you explore a pitch-black abandoned house with nothing but a lighter. This game evokes that classic noir detective feel, combined with a striking black-and-white art style and constant narration, creating a tense, unnerving atmosphere straight away. Getting into gameplay, the slightly janky movement controls and fixed camera angles reminded me starkly of the early Resident Evil's, as does searching environments for inventory items that enable progress, all with a creeping paranoia that you aren't alone. Classic survival horror stuff that takes advantage of the fear of darkness to really give you the creeps.

Detective Max: Mystery Games places you into a deserted high school with the task of uncovering a murder. The initial loneliness of the environment is quite unnerving, a usually communal area completely empty except for you. This game is admittedly slow to start, but once things get going, you'll find that it does not hold back on deduction mechanics. The puzzles are complex and require a great deal of thought to solve. Randomly tapping on things won't get you through this one. That fact does make Detective Max: Mystery Games' enjoyment factor a bit subjective, but if you want a detective game that doesn't hold your hand, this is for you.

Jekyll & Hyde is a visual novel-style detective game, adapting The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde story into a mobile game format. The player is led through a pretty and dramatic retelling of the book, interspersed with puzzles that require genuine deductive skill to progress. Explore the environments and find clues for combinations, locations, and solutions. Some foreknowledge of the book might be helpful here, as the app assumes you know what's going on in its exposition sequences. If you like your detective games heavily story-driven, Jekyll and Hyde is worth a try, especially if you're a fan of the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Who will escape is a horror-themed detective game that binds explorative gameplay with dynamic text-based conversation. You wake up in a strange room with no memory and must find your way out. The gameplay functions like an escape room, with the player jumping between pre-determined positions to inspect the room's focal points, using the free camera to toggle between interaction prompts. The player also receives scripted text messages from a character in the same situation, providing helpful information and furthering the narrative. Who will escape sneaks up on you, starting off slow but growing extremely engaging after a few minutes, manufacturing an atmosphere that genuinely invites discomfort, but in a good way.


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