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4. What to tell patients. Patients wishing to try MDMA-assisted psychotherapy should do so within the context of a clinical trial until the treatment is approved by the FDA. Taking MDMA recreationally will not produce the therapeutic effects associated with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy because the goal of the treatment is to provide an opportunity for processing painful emotions under the guidance of trained psychotherapists. There are some contraindications for taking MDMA, so patients must undergo a physical clearance process. However, MDMA has an acceptable safety profile if administered according to the protocol. Patients interested in participating in the study should visit


FDA agrees to expanded access program for MDMA-ASSISTED psychotherapy for PTSD. MAPS. (n.d.). Retrieved from -press-release-fda-agrees-to-expanded-access-program-for-mdma-assisted-psychotherapy-for-ptsd. 041b061a72


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